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Team Seeded Double Elimination Team Winner s Bracket L15 Loser s Bracket L12 L2 L5 L3 L4 L18 If First Loss L1 L6 L11.

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L13 L22 L24 If Winner Bracket L4 L16 L19 L20 L4 (tiebreaker) L2 L26 L9 L21 L13 L23 (tiebreaker) Loser Bracket L5 L10 L11 L13 Top 8 L32 L27 L6 L15 L26 If Loser Bracket L5 L12 L10 L14 L13 L16 L11 L5 (tiebreaker) L20 (tiebreaker) L13 L23 L24 If Top 4 L16 L13 L17 L12 L15 L12 L13 L16 (tiebreaker) L1 L10 L17 L16 L17 L34 L3 L5 (tiebreaker) L16 L10 L11 L12 Top 4 L16 L15 L17 L12 L16 L10 L5 (tiebreaker) L14 L2 L27 L6 L15 L12 L13 L9 L8 If Top 6 L15 L16 L15 L20 L15 L18 L14 L15 L11 L13 L15 L4 L2 L3 L14 L19 (tiebreaker) Loser Bracket L2 L25 L12 L14 L16 L15 L8 L20 L18 L1 L2 L13 L19 If Loser Bracket L1 L16 L16 L16 L24 L14 L2 L17 L6 L15 L10 L4 L1 L2 L4 L21 (tiebreaker) L2 L25 L6 L3 L21 L14 L9 L29 L10 L5 L10 L16 (tiebreaker) L3 L16 L13 L13 L13 L23 L20 L8 L3 L27 L26 L17 (tiebreaker) ...and all the rules of play! (If this seems confusing, it was created by a team, but we are not affiliated with the original idea, though we like it a lot!)RulesEach team may compete against teams from other regions only through the use of 3rd party software that allows for multiple region matches. For each Regional event, all teams must have a player from one of the following regions: America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia Pacific. Teams may not play against teams they do not have a player from in the Region they compete in. Each team must fill out the Team Names page to be eligible to compete in the Regional. Teams may also only compete under a single roster during a single Regional.

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Alright let me explain how a 16 double elimination bracket works this upper portion is the winners bracket up here this lower portion is the losers bracket all of our brackets this year are double elimination brackets so all the teams start up here so say we have the dog's the cats the frogs D pigs the cows and the ducks so when I made the brackets I just threw the teams in like this randomly these are called pigtail matches they happen because there aren't six over it because there aren't four or eight teams somebody gets to play an extra match it's not a punishment it's not a privilege it's just the nature of a bracket I guess it's sometimes it's a punishment sometimes the teams who are had the poorest record get put in but for us, it was just random, so I should, I did this I showed it to the coaches on the coach page, and then I got some feedback, and then I changed some things around if they gave me advice, and then I published it, so it's on the AOI so page some people are like how does it how's this thing work with two L's so the elves for loser it's not a's not a derogatory term it just means you lost a match, so the first match is match one, so cats versus frogs let's say the cats loose okay, so cats are l1 now, so they lost match one, so they go down here to l1, so they don't get eliminated from the tournament it's a double elimination term, so you have to lose two matches next match pigs and cows pigs loops they become ill — so frogs advance and cows advance and so now it's dogs versus frogs let's say frogs are just killing it, so frogs win again and so dogs loose dogs are now l3, so dogs are down here and let's say cows are also just killing it, so cows move forward again and ducks lose and so Ducks are down here l4 and right ducks so now match five is this is a potential to be eliminated so let's say pigs play dogs pigs loose dogs advance pigs are out of the tournament okay they've lost two matches cats versus ducks now if the cats lose ducks advance and now these guys are both in the second round of the losers bracket so dogs vs ducks doesn't happen yet frogs vs cows, so now this is an interesting dilemma you've got two really solid teams, and they've they've advanced and advanced and so it doesn't seem fair that they're playing each other not in the finals these might be the best two teams in the league, but it's okay because it's a double elimination bracket so say the cows lose they don't get eliminated from the tournament they lost seven, so they go down here to l7, so cows come down to l7 they still have another chance to get to the final round and so dogs play ducks at this point say dogs lose they're out of the tournament Ducks advance and so now it's cows versus ducks and so to say the cows are just so, so much more dominant than the Ducks lose cows advance to the finals, and they're still in it frogs already advanced to the finals and so now our frogs and cows in the final match now the cows have lost a match, and so they...


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