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Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste (3)

4 installments of $16.75

Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste (4)

Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste (5)

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Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste (6)

4 installments of $16.75

Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste (7)

Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste (8)

Own it for $10/week

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A beautiful exfoliant paste. Though on the gentle side, the quartz is still slightly too large for my personal preference in terms of physical exfoliation. With...

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  • Dull, dry or dehydrated skin
  • First signs of ageing
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Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste (9)

Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste

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Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste Reviews

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4.2 of 122 reviews

85% recommend this product

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Most Helpful Criticism

Effective but the smell is offputting


The scrub works, but I find the smell really unpleasant. Given the cost of this product I will keep using but will be glad when it is finished. I love the fragr...

  1. Beautiful


    A beautiful exfoliant paste. Though on the gentle side, the quartz is still slightly too large for my personal preference in terms of physical exfoliation. With that said, this is a luxurious paste with a beautiful smell (very similar to Aesop's Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser). At times, I combine these two products to offset the exfoliation.

  2. Amazing


    This scrub smells so amazing. Gentle enough but also great for getting rid of dead skin

  3. Gritty, not for me


    Tried this product with a sample. I am not a usual fan of scrub, but I was told this scrub is very gentle and suitable for regular use. It's a gritty and thick paste, after rubbing it on your face, you can feel the princkling when rinsing it off. I might not purchase this.

  4. incredible, fresh, effective


    man, there's a reason aesop has such a great reputation. this scrub is incredible, the fresh rosemary scent is heavenly, there's actual little quartz crystals that make up the scrub, and it gives a beautiful fresh finish to my skin. i only use it once every couple of weeks, as it's quite a strong exfoliant, but that's perfect for me.

  5. Would purchase the full size

    Jackie JZ

    I received this as a sample and enjoyed trying this product. I have always been someone who has liked the feeling of rough exfoliators, but have moved into more chemical products as am worried about abrasive exfoliators. I love that this product is mildly abrasive and also is a chemical exfoliant (with lactic acid) as I feel I am getting the best of both worlds. My skin felt very clean and refres...

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  6. Love it!


    It’s gentle and after using it the face becomes glowing and smooth.

  7. Good


    Love the smell.make my skin feel more hydrated

  8. Skip This One


    I was excited when I read the ingredient listing and loved the fact that this is packaged in a tube rather than a tub but try as I might - I did not like this product. I feel it did not exfoliate well enough and the smell was very unpleasant (almost off smelling?). After each use I also developed some small spots that felt dried out. Discontinuing use resolved that problem immediately. Skip this o...

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  9. Great exfoliator


    I heard so much about this facial exfoliator and excited to try it out as soon as I received the sample. It didn’t disappoint me, my oily skin loves it, it is gentle but scrub my face without abrasively. I will definitely come to purchase the full size product.

  10. Only for the body


    I tried using this on my face but it was too gritty and harsh, the smell is also weird and I don't like the smell under my nose. However this works well exfoliating my body.

  11. Only Exfoliator I use


    I find that too many facial exfoliators are too gentle for my skin and barely work but this one is tough enough to do the job without causing me any skin issues. The smell is offputting for some but I honestly don't mind it and have been using this for years.

  12. Would rate zero stars if I could


    Normally I really enjoy Aesop products, but this was a miss. The smell is nauseating. The grit is far too rough and jagged. Extremely harsh, not for sensitive skin at all. The packaging it nice, but that's it. Would not buy again. Wouldn't take it even if it was free. And it's super expensive. Might work for your feet/elbows/knees but not for the delicate facial skin!

  13. Gentle but effective


    Great product! The scrub was gentle enough to not aggravate my skin, but also effective leaving my face feeling fresh!

  14. Love love love


    Noticeably clearer skin. I splashed out buying this for the first time and was not disappointed !! Smells lovely, feels lovely.. I love a milky exfoliater. Squeaky clean without drying out. Only downside is I want to use it more often that I actually do. Easy to go through quickly. Buy this you won’t regret it

  15. Great product, not great smell


    I got a small sample of this in an order. I used it while in the shower before washing my face. My skin felt so soft and smooth after, however the smell wasn't very nice. It wasn't overly strong, just a little off-putting. The exfoliant works well though, so if you can ignore the smell then I would definitely recommend it.

  16. Nice


    Good product, does the job and lasts absolutely ages. Honestly be careful not to use too much as that's what can make it overly abrasive - you really do just need a tiny bit.

  17. rough at first but great results


    I received this as a sample and decided to test it out. When I first applied it to my face I thought it was pretty rough and very grainy. At first I thought it was tearing into my face because of the graininess of it but once I washed it off I was actually very surprised. My skin was so clear and smooth. I really liked it but definitely would only just use a couple of times during the week when I ...

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  18. Really exfoliating and refreshing


    This is my go-to facial scrub that really does the job. The little beads really do the job at deeply exfoliating my skin. It's not too potent that my sensitive skin reacts to it.

  19. My favourite physical exfoliant


    I usually use chemical exfoliants but this one turned me. It's very gentle and leaves my skin very smooth. Also has an amazing scent.

  20. Gentle and mild physical exfoliant

    Aesop Purifying Exfoliant Facial

    A good exfoliant for sensitive to dry skin. The product has a distinct powdery smell that is quite light but noticeable. The exfoliant grains are quite small and works well for sensitive and dry skin without over exfoliating.

    Overall, would recommend using once a week and likely to repurchase.

  21. Sample Size Review


    I liked the sample size that much that I am going to try this exfoliant. I liked how coarse the product was, it felt like it was doing the job and cleaning thoroughly. Once I rinsed off the product my face felt clean.

  22. Not quite what I am looking for


    I used this to try and deeply exfoliate but found it to be more of a
    surface exfoliant. I prefer other exfoliates so I probably wouldn’t purchase

  23. Good option for physical exfoliant


    the scrubbing beads are visible but gentle enough on the skin to get a decent exfoliation . Skin will be visibly more polished and feels refreshed and clean without tightness or dryness.

  24. LOVE


    Love this exfoliator, repeat buy

  25. Leaves my skin feeling really smooth


    Love how smooth my skin feels after exfoliating, but the smell may be a deterrent to some. The packaging also has the unfortunate tendency to develop a hole at any creases on the sides, but if you're careful then maybe it's avoidable.

  26. Very abrasive


    I found this scrub to be very abrasive, leaving my skin feeling irritated and dry. Definitely prefer chemical exfoliants. This is not a gentle scrub

  27. skin so soft!


    I have aged, mostly dry skin with the occasional spot and I use a mask and a scrub weekly. This is the first Aesop product I have purchased and I love it! others have mentioned the smell, it is strong, I think it is the rosemary and lavender oils, but I am used to it now. I love that I can control the amount that I use - my previous scrub was in a powder form, I liked it a lot but wasted it a lot ...

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  28. Love


    This exfoliant is quite coarse, I use it around twice a week and my skin always looks so clear after!!
    Subtle and calming fragrance, highly recommend if you don't have highly sensitive skin.

  29. Leaves skin feeling fresh


    Good once or twice weekly exfoliant, smells okay and leaves skin feeling nice and soft

  30. vibes. Love how this makes me feel


    great product and good value for it's high quality.

  31. Quartz Exfoliant - Yes, Please!


    I received this as a sample and really quite enjoyed using it! I do enjoy a physical exfoliant every now and then to combat my skin which can get dull and dry, and this one was just really enjoyable to use with a great scent. Will definitely consider buying the full size product!

  32. Works for me!


    As with many Aesop products, this exfoliant comes with a distinct fragrance.

    While this isn’t for everyone, I find it very relaxing to use.

    Yes, the particles are larger than other products, but it effectively cleans my skin and I only use very minimal pressure.

    I like to leave it on for a few extra minutes to let the lactic acid do some chemical exfoliation...

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  33. Effective but the smell is offputting


    The scrub works, but I find the smell really unpleasant. Given the cost of this product I will keep using but will be glad when it is finished. I love the fragrance of some Aesop products but a few of them - sadly including this one - really are unpleasant for me at least.

  34. Amazing!


    A really good exfolient that is also gentle.
    The tiny bits of quartz in the scrub make it good at clearing up skin, while the creamy base makes it so gentle on skin so it doesn't feel stripped. Skin feels so smooth and soft!

  35. Nice scrub


    Aesop products so natural and feel great.
    Love this exfoliant.
    Feels tingly and refreshing.
    Satisfying deep clean that's not harsh
    Smells great and reasonably priced.
    Great packaging.

  36. Lovely but not for me...


    This is a lovely smelling facial product that definitely feels high-quality, however it is not for me. I have sensitive skin, and even very lightly circling this on the face was too much for it to handle. Those that 'love a good scrub' and potential fit into the St Ives category, will adore this Aesop exfoliator.

  37. Enjoyable

    Rachelle H

    I really like this product. I use it a 1-2 times a week on my face, and probably every second day on my chest/belly area because I get a few breakouts around there. I like the smell and that it's not too harsh on the skin.

  38. Beautiful Exfoliant


    I received this product as a sample. I stretched the sample amount out to two weeks worth, using it twice a week. My skin absolutely loved this product - not too harsh, the smell was wonderful! For the price, I would highly recommend giving it a go, perhaps not an every day scrub though.

  39. Not a fan


    This is probably one of my least favourite Aesop products. Each time I use the paste, I can smell alcohol. It is far too overbearing and I notice that it lingers for a few minutes after rinsing the paste off.
    From an exfoliation perspective, it does leave the skin feeling nice and refreshed.

  40. Amazing


    This product gently exfoliates and leaves your skin feeling soft. Doesn’t causes irritation

  41. Too harsh

    Had to end up using it on my hands/arms - would not use on your face, much much too harsh, the particles are quite large and coarse compared to other facial scrubs. Smells nice and is obviously of good quality but truly would not recommend for your face!

  42. Not an everyday scrub


    A really nice feel and smell however it is quite harsh so definitely don’t use often.

  43. Amazing


    This product gently exfoliates and leaves your skin feeling soft. Doesn’t causes irritation

  44. Bit too harsh an exfoliant


    I've used this one a few times and I find it to be slightly harsher on the skin than I'm used to. Probably wouldn't recommend to those with sensitive skin and looking for something to lightly exfoliate

  45. Sensitive skin wins


    Absolutely gorgeous scrub that did not react with my sensitive skin! Not harsh, no downtime. Super smooth skin.

  46. Facial exfoliant


    I got this as a sample and i really like it! it helps remove dead skin cells whilst giving you a really great clean! aesop products are great for sensitive skin!

  47. Leaves you feeling clean


    I like this exfoliant a lot. You can definitely feel the quartz when using it, plus the lactic acid is great for skin. I would recommend using this only once a week though, as it is pretty strong and over-use may result in stripping your face. I haven't experienced any dryness or skin damage using this once per week, and my face definitely feels smoother after use, which is great for makeup applic...

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  48. Fresh and Beautiful


    I love this exfoliant for its grit. I feel it really getting in there and cleaning it all out. I leave the product on my face for 30 seconds to a minute for the acid to do it magic.

  49. revitalises and soothes


    I use this only on my T-zone, concentrating on my nose. It's refreshing and helps pores. I also use it on my decollete area in the shower to help with slight pigmentation and uneven skintone.

  50. so soft


    a wonderful exfoliant that leaves my face feeling so soft and smooth, highly recommend

  51. Fresh skin


    I use this very rarely but it really gets all the dead skin off, cleans my pores so well and gives me a bright glow!

  52. Big win for skincare


    I love this product so much. I use it in the evenings and after some gentle exfoliation, I will let it sit for 2-3 minutes and get the lactic acid to do it's job a little longer. I love the smell and it gives my skin the purest feeling after without any tightness or dryness. Cannot recommend enough!

  53. My all time favourite skin care product


    I just love this exfoliator so much.

  54. It's decent


    This is a decent scrub. The particles are definitely on the harsher side, which provides a thorough exfoliation which leaves the skin feel and look super clean, clear and toned. The smell could be better. It's an okay product, but I don't think I would repurchase if I found a more affordable product which provides same results.

  55. Great for smoothing skin, i try to just use a little bit so I don't irritate my skin


    Great for smoothing skin, I try to just use a little bit so I don't irritate my skin. It lasts for ages and is very easy to use.

  56. so great


    Really helped to even out my skin texture.

  57. Excellent product


    I love this! It gives a really good exfoliation and leaves my face feeling squeaky clean and smooth. I use it when I really want to get rid of heavy make up and grime. Tube lasts ages too.

  58. Gentle yet effective


    Definitely repurchasing. This exfoliant is incredibly gentle and my skin afterwards is so soft and subtle.

  59. Love


    I love the scent of this exfoliate paste. It cleanse my skin and leaves it so soft. Definitely repurchase.

  60. Love this product!


    What Aesop product doesn't feel and smell amazing, I mean really.

    This is a beautiful exfoliant that leaves my skin feeling so soft and fully cleansed. It didn't dry my skin out at all but felt like a deep exfoliation. Would definitely recommend this product.

  61. It has a price but its worth it.


    I love this exfoliate paste! It smells so good and leaves my skin so clean!!! Breakouts are at a minimum, and i just use a couple of days a week. Its a bit expensive but for me its worth it

  62. I'm beginning to fall in love with Aseop


    Got this as a freebie- used once and my skin was soft and plump. It is so light yet still feels like it is doing something to your skin but without any sort of harshness which I love. Also has a beautiful fresh all natural smell but that's nothing new for Aseop. So far I'm excited to explore this brand more!

  63. Mixed Feelings


    I tried a sample of this. While it left my skin feeling super soft and smooth I found it was more on the harsher side - I think maybe with continual use that could be damaging to the skin. But immediately after my skin looked brighter and felt clean.

  64. Great for smooth skin


    A very nice and effective exfoliator that smooths and softens the skin, but helps it be more radiant too. Makeup goes on nicer. Great for oily skins, and pores, blackheads and pimples too.

  65. In love


    Obsessed with this brand and this is just incredible. Love the way my skin feels afterwards.... a must have!!

  66. abrasive


    I found this exfoliant paste to be too abrasive for my face.

  67. Such a great exfoliant.


    I only got to use this twice as I received a trial size but the results left my skin so soft. My skin was prepped and ready for skin care. I NEED to purchase this In full size AESOP lol

  68. Pretty good


    I want to buy every product of Aesop. This one is as good as others.

  69. Pretty good


    I love all the products from Aesop.

  70. Great exfoliant


    Used once a week, this is a great exfoliant. Really liked using. A bit expensive, but I just once a week makes it more value for money.

  71. Facial Paste - different


    this product is different! it does exfoliate your face leaving it feeling smooth! ive never really used a facial exfoliant paste before!

  72. not the biggest fan


    I like exfoliant pastes, really gives your skin a nice buff, but this one I wasn't a big fan of. The exfoliating particles felt uncomfortable on my face. Don't love the scent of the paste either

  73. too harsh for my skin


    I have combination skin and I don't like the exfoliating bits in this paste. They feel too rough on my skin

  74. Great Exfoliator


    Really lovely exfoliator that removes dead skin and helps with my clogged pores, and leaves the skin super soft - the only downside is that it smells a bit like sour milk to me (could be the lactic acid). I use it 2-3 times a week depending on how my skin feels.

  75. Good amount of scrub - gentle on the skin


    I have very sensitive skin that is prone to irritations especially with new or abrasive skin care products. This one is gentle on the skin and has a good amount of scrub that leaves the skin feeling extremely clean. It removes the deerskin and blackheads well.

    I use it twice a week for clear smooth skin

  76. Little goes a long way!


    A good scrub to use once a week. A very small amount is needed since it is quite grainy. Lasts for months and I find works really effectively, while still being gentle on the skin.

  77. Deep clean


    Love this, it gives a deep clean and feels refreshing afterwards. You can cut up the tube afterwards to get the most out of the product. A bit expensive but youre paying for the brand name

  78. Love this!


    Find my skin is really clear after I use this, makes my face tingle and feel really lovely and fresh, I also the really neutral smell and appearance it has

  79. great product but bad packaging


    I loved the product but felt I lost some of it because of the packaging

  80. Really like this


    Its effective and lovely to use, don't love the smell and it is a bit expensive

  81. A nice light weight exfoliant


    A nice lightweight exfoliant, I like to use it every couple of days. It keeps my skin feeling nice and soft.

  82. Simple and effective


    One of the best exfoliant's that I've ever tried! My skin was so smooth after and cleared up in the following days. I would definitely recommend it!

  83. Feels great


    A good scrub to use once a week. A very small amount is needed since it is quite grainy. Lasts for months!

  84. Great exfoliant


    This stopped a potential breakout and also made my skin look
    fresh and even-toned

  85. Too rough for sensitive skin


    I found this way too rough for sensitive skin, it dried my face out and led to a breakout. Be really careful with this one if you are prone to breakouts.

  86. Good


    I received this as a sample and was really impressed with it. The texture was coarse enough that it cleaned my skin properly but didn't feel damaging. Being an Aesop product, it also smelt great. More on the pricey side but I will definitely consider purchasing the full size product.

  87. Buffs away dead skin


    Overall a nice product that removes dead skin leaving the skin feeling smooth.

  88. Not for sensitive skin


    I have sensitive skin and this was too harsh for me. The exfoliating crystals felt hard against my skin, ended up using on my body which was fine, but I wouldn't use this personally as a facial exfoliator

  89. Bit harsh


    I use this once in a while when I want a deep cleanse but if you have sensitive skin, I'd say the exfoliating particles are a bit harsh.

  90. nice


    I’ve been using this exfoliator for a few years now & absolutely adore it. I use it before I wash my face in the morning to prep my skin for my face wash/mask. The quartz feels as though it’s giving my skin a proper good scrub without stripping or irritating it. My skin is left feeling radiant & spots are kept at bay! I love the packaging too! I’m tempted to try the Malin + Goetz one, but fear I w...

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  91. Rare allergic reaction


    I’m very rarely allergic but broke out in a severe rash from something in this. I’m a regular user of many Aesop products and nothing else has caused it. I had to see a doctor who prescribed antihistamine tablets.

    I got Aesop’s loose exfoliating grains instead which works without problems.

  92. Good


    One of the best exfoliant's that I've ever tried! My skin was so smooth after and cleared up in the following days. I would definitely recommend it!

  93. Best exfoliant ever


    I love this product, it's one of my absolute favourites! I have problematic, oily + red skin and I find this works perfectly for me twice a week, followed by a face mask. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and rejuvenated. Compared to the more unnatural scrubs out there, this one is super gentle and doesn't leave your skin feeling weirdly tight or stripped. You also don't need to use a lot as the s...

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  94. Too gritty for me


    I was surprised to find out how gritty this was! Too rough for me and the smell was not pleasant at all, and i usually like the herbaceous Aesop scent! Might be better off using this on the body.

  95. The smell is overbearing


    I purchased this as I had not exfoliated for some time and was looking for a product that was suitable for my sensitive skin. I liked the soft feeling of my face after use. However, the smell is not only odd, it is absolutely putrid. I am not sure how I am going to be able to finish this product whilst dry reaching at every application.

  96. Very effective exfoliator - bit too harsh for my face


    I love Aesop, so to be honest I was a little surprised by they didn't quite nail it with this product. I use it on my body because its very effective and has quite a strange smell. I love aromatherapy and almost all essential oils but there's something quite odd about this smell, probably the lactic acid? Anyway. I definitely use mine on the body as its very effective and probably too harsh for my...

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  97. Delivers!


    A great exfoliator, does the job very well. Can be a little rough, so probably ideal for use a couple of times a week.

  98. Not for sensitive skin


    I love a lot of the aesop hand wash and hand care products as they work well for sensitive skin, however this exfoliant didn't work for me. It was much too harsh for my face. I use it as a body exfoliator and it's good for that

  99. Not for my skin


    I really want to love the whole Aesop range, but I can't. I dream of having my bathroom stocked with their little glass jars and quality products, but my dream isn't going to come true. I used this exfoliant as it was recommended to me knowing I had rosacea and sensitive skin (not by Adorebeauty). For me, this exfoliant felt rough and not at all gentle in that sense and I didn't like the smell of ...

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  100. Supple and smooth


    Received a sample with my recent order. I have combination skin but need extra hydration during the winter months. I normally use Skinstitute Gylocolic Scrub ( which is very good ) but with this Aesop Exfoliant Paste left my skin quite soft and nourished. I really think this would be the one to use during the cold, dry season.

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