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Young Master Jie, are you bringing someone to have breakfast If you had come earlier, you might have seen someone show off their skills With a new attitude, Zhao Shu walked up to Ye Haojie, with intentional or unintentional eyes Looking back and forth at Ouyang Chen s body, the implication is particularly obvious.Show your skills Listening to Zhao Shu s words, and seeing Qiu Zhihong grinning and frowning cbd gummy bears oregon can you travel internationally with cbd gummies with a bruised nose and swollen face, Ye Haojie still didn t understand what it meant.Old Qiu, are you one of the four of them Ye Haojie asked Qiu virality x cbd gummies Zhihong with a gloomy face.Qiu Zhihong didn t speak, but Zhao Shu rushed to say Where there are four, just one of them sent him flying.Just this kid Ye Haojie pointed at the bridge of Ouyang Chen s nose in surprise, showing some disbelief.Ouyang Chen s complexion changed, he felt a little uncomfortable being pointed at by someone else, especially when he was pointed at by Ye Haojie, a bastard.

Okay, then I ll teach you too Ouyang Chen said cbd gummy bears oregon slowly with a sinister smile, My man, no matter who he is, I won t allow him to lift a finger What if I move What can you do with me Zhang Tao sneered, glanced at him, and raised his hand to slap Scar again.But as soon cbd gummies help ed as the slap what drugs should not be taken with cbd gummies reviews of royal blend cbd gummies was raised, before it fell, Ouyang Chen in front of him suddenly felt a chill, grabbed Zhang Tao s wrist, pulled and twisted Suddenly, there was only a click , followed by a bang , before he could scream and wail, Zhang Tao s body suddenly flew upside down Chapter 22 Compensation Uproar Such a what drugs should not be taken with cbd gummies reviews of royal blend cbd gummies big movement immediately attracted the attention of all the prison guards and prisoners in the field, including the chief of prison administration above Everyone s eyes were almost full of doubts, and at the same time they looked at Zhang Tao who was rolling on the ground.

He went straight to the bathroom and listened carefully.Sure enough, Su Xiaoyan inside was taking a bath Laughing, Ouyang Chen s mind suddenly flashed, and his body flashed out of the room like a ghost.Not long after, he came back again.But a bunch of red things appeared in his hand It was close to the bathroom, and it was not locked inside.Ouyang Chen was overjoyed, God knows what the hell.Without any hesitation, cbd gummy bears oregon Ouyang Chen directly lit the string of firecrackers with fire.Immediately, the fuse ignited quickly, and at the same time, Ouyang Chen pushed open the bathroom door as quickly as lightning, and quickly threw the small firecracker in his hand into it Bang bang bang bang help In an instant, the sound of firecrackers was loud, and at the same time a sharp scream sounded from the air.

Seeing everything in front of him, Ouyang Chen couldn t help being startled physically and mentally.He actually came to the cemetery not far from the school No wonder the air is so cold, lifeless and gloomy.But not to mention, the color of all the vegetation around the kilometer of this cemetery is much darker than that of other places.This is not the depth of green, but the depth of black The death aura here seems to be much stronger than in the morgue, and even the death aura is mixed with the aura of corpses Taking continuous deep breaths, Ouyang Chen s eyes revealed a hint of surprise.It s just that amidst this dead air, there is such a strong corpse air Ouyang Chen was a little startled by this point.He knew that only after Yin Qi accumulated and immersed to a certain concentration, would it transform into dead Qi.

You cripple, are you afraid that I won t be able to catch up with you Just go your way Pulling his eyes away from the road to the cemetery, Ouyang Chen roared, and then walked towards the ladyboy.It seems that he was too f ckingly innocent to be tricked into coming to the cemetery by a letter from Wang Ping Is there something wrong with being simple I just want to be a simple little zombie I couldn t help complaining in my heart, and at the same time, Ouyang Chen ruthlessly gave Wang Ping to Cia Ao Ci Ao in his heart But at this moment, a sudden sound of brakes came from not far behind the two of them.Hearing the sound of the brakes, the ladyboy s heart couldn t help but suddenly tightened, and there was a strong cali gummi cbd murderous intent in his eyes looking at Ouyang Chen.Did you call the police The ladyboy questioned in a bad tone, and quietly, there eagle cbd gummies scam was already a gleaming dagger in his hand.

ruffian laugh.When several people inadvertently saw the terrifying face of the ladyboy, they were really shocked.Are you Ouyang Chen The bullet headed youth asked Ouyang Chen in a naughty manner, shaking the iron rod in his hand.Where s that bitch Wang Ping Ouyang Chen frowned and asked back without answering the bullet youth s question.Wang Ping, we don t know what Wang Ping is.Labor and management are asking you, is your fucking name Ouyang Chen The bullet youth was very angry grown md cbd gummies cbd gummy bears oregon at Ouyang Chen s ignorance of himself.Paralyzed, he s here to find fault and beat people up, not to make friends The fuck is still talking and inquiring about people What do you take them for Okay, then I ll change my name Realizing that this group of idiots didn t know Wang Ping, Ouyang Chen changed his words expressionlessly and said, Where s Ye Haojie Then use Young Master Jie to come in person Sure enough, as soon as Ye Haojie was mentioned, the young man with a bullet head said immediately.

Let him serve cbd gummy bears oregon So this basketball contest is almost over Dinosaur, give me the ball When he was about to throw the ball to Kong Jun, Ouyang Chen was outside the three point line, but his eyes stayed on the basket on the backboard.Kong Jun received the ball and served it to Ouyang Chen.Qiu Zhihong rushed forward immediately, while the short haired man rushed to Kong Jun, protecting him to death Kong Jun, who was originally wearing flip flops and big pants, was inconvenient to move, and he lost any ability to resist in an instant.Do you want the ball Contemptuously said to Qiu Zhihong in front of him, Ouyang Chen raised the ball and tossed it His eyes focused on the basketball, and he kept moving along with the line the basketball was thrown in the air.Qiu Zhihong subconsciously ran towards the backboard, but the basketball fell into the basket without any suspense Kuang A long range three point shot, hit Without any dribbling and moving, throwing the goal directly as soon as the ball is served, this must have a lot of confidence, even NBA players dare not shoot like this However, Ouyang Chen did it The stunned eyes became more and more shocked with the frequency of the basketball bouncing on the ground.

Seeing that Kong Jun almost laughed like a SB, Ouyang Chen couldn t help replying angrily Does it still need reviews of royal blend cbd gummies is condor cbd gummies a scam to be practiced with this crap It hits 100 every minute.As he said, Ouyang Chen patted Kong Jun s shoulder, said with an buy cbd gummies in australia evil smile Don t worry, we still have to play, and now it s only six points The flat haired man heard it in his ears, and his face suddenly became gloomy and gloomy.It is undeniable that they are both from the school basketball team, but cbd gummies help tinnitus against Ouyang Chen, they couldn t even touch the ball, let alone score a goal.Although they only lost six points now, they lost two goals in a row at the beginning, and they were two three pointers.Many girls watching outside the arena came for Qiu Zhihong and his team members from the beginning.Seeing this situation, they immediately felt a sense of loss in their hearts.

God, you are so handsome God, I want to give birth to a monkey for you I don t know which girl in the crowd yelled, and immediately, one after another, they started yelling at Ouyang Chen, God, idol It was even a bit blatant, shouting that he and Ouyang Chen would go up to open a house tonight to sow seeds When Ouyang Chen heard it, he couldn t help but turn pale with shock, and lamented how corrupt this real society is.Is he such a corrupt person Obviously not Once encountering such a request, of course he would be extremely angry and justly reject it Remember to tell me the room number when the room is opened tonight With narrowed eyes, Ouyang Chen smiled and shouted in the direction pure cbd gummies review of the voice.In an instant, there was another series of cheers, and the topics they yelled at Ouyang Chen were even more obscene and explicit.

Things have developed to this trend, it is obviously impossible to win against Ouyang Chen, but if he is asked to call a few more people and play five against two, then the hope of winning will rise in a straight line.If you lose, you have to call the other party s father, and you have to run naked on the basketball court for three laps.Now there are more and more people watching the basketball court.If you really run three laps naked, it is worse than calling him father.It s embarrassing.Weighing the pros and cons, he hesitated for a while, and finally, Qiu Zhihong decided to agree to Ouyang Chen s proposal In addition to the man with the crew cut, Qiu Zhihong called up three more people, all of whom were strong cbd joint restore gummies and muscular.Everyone thought that Qiu Zhihong and his five beat Ouyang Chen and Kong Jun, but this was not the case.

This is the second time that Qiu Zhihong has seen how powerful Ouyang Chen is.From the first time he was afraid of Ouyang Chen to the cbd gummies sale on california second time now, it has completely formed a qualitative change, from fear to fear At the beginning, there was a ruthless look in his eyes, but at this point, Qiu Zhihong could no longer calm down.Facing Ouyang Chen who was approaching step by step with malicious intentions, his whole body and mind began to tremble.Trembling, both legs began to tremble a little.If it s for others, he doesn t need it at all, because this is at school, no matter how unhappy he looks at the other party, he will suppress it and wait until he finds an opportunity to vent.But the Ouyang Chen in front of him was completely different.He never cared about whether the venue was suitable or not, the size of the crowd, the consequences of the outbreak, who it was targeting, and his background and identity.

They thought Ouyang Chen was just joking, but they didn t expect him to do cbd gummy bears oregon it as soon as he said he would, kicking him out.Boy, you re so fucking fat, don t your parents discipline you We ll teach you At this point, they didn t care if anyone was watching, their fists rattled, and they looked at each other.After one glance, he immediately rushed towards Ouyang Chen.Okay, since you want to try so much, I ll satisfy you A fierce look appeared on his face, Ouyang Chen stepped forward, leaping up out of thin air, and there were two afterimages flashing in the air between the lightning and flashing stones.When someone looked carefully, there were two sudden screams, and the figure flew upside down.Looking at the distance, there were already two more fainted bodies, which were the two remaining men.

Deep in their hearts, it could be said that they were shocked by waves of turbulent waves.They were all watching Ouyang Chen closely just now, and they didn t see him making any movements at all, the only thing was just a slight trembling of his body.But it was because of this slight tremor that the marble on the ground could be split several meters away.how did he do it This is marble not tofu This is high quality marble that even bullets can t pierce To be crushed by him so easily If this foot stepped on someone, Tang Wei and the other three knew exactly what the consequences would be, even if they didn t have to think about it.There was not a single what drugs should not be taken with cbd gummies reviews of royal blend cbd gummies sound in the quiet hall.Tang Wei, Tang Xing er, and Uncle Yun didn t make another sound.They just watched Ouyang Chen quietly, but there was a strange color in their pupils, something unusual.

Zhuang lost, the most annoying person was the little old man, he almost vomited blood, but the low cut young woman next to him was still winking at Ouyang Chen, not caring about the money his old man lost.The croupier deals the cards again.Dealing ends.Start betting.This time, Ouyang Chen still chose to be idle, and put all 1.1 million on it.The other players hesitated at the beginning, but in the end they did not press the player and voted for the banker.A pair won in the last hand, and it is absolutely impossible to have a pair in this hand, because the probability of a pair in the entire baccarat game is one of the few.It is difficult to have one round, so how can it be possible to play two consecutive rounds The man reviews for just cbd gummies in the middle of the idle family saw that Ouyang Chen was pressing all one million on him as soon as he made a move.

Are you trying to play tricks after you lose Ouyang Chen s words convinced the gamblers watching that, after all, a bet of 50 million plus the lower body is no small matter, so it s only natural that tricks such as cheating can be used used.Being bitten back by Ouyang Chen, Qin Hua was annoyed and angry, but he couldn t convince himself, after all, there were Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund cbd gummy bears oregon so many people watching, and no one caught Ouyang Chen s way of changing cards.Fucking shit, do I, Qin Hua, need to play tricks If the boss says you pay a thousand dollars, you re a thousand dollars.Don t f ck deny it, or you ll never want to get out of this casino today Qin Hua scolded angrily, and waved at the long haired man.He waved his hand, and immediately, the long haired man understood, and greeted outside the casino door, and the fifty or sixty men in suits stood in the middle what drugs should not be taken with cbd gummies reviews of royal blend cbd gummies of the field in a mighty way, and surrounded Ouyang Chen in a menacing manner.

Give me a break As soon as Qin Hua s words cbd gummy bears oregon fell, in an instant, the faces of fifty or sixty men in suits turned ruthless, and they rushed towards Ouyang Chen one by one.However, as soon as these men in suits set off, Ouyang Chen s figure also followed closely.In an instant, an afterimage was seen darting around the crowd.When Ouyang Chen s figure returned to the previous At the same time, almost half of the fifty or sixty men in suits let out a scream at the same time, and flew backwards behind them.The remaining half of the people didn t understand what happened at the beginning.When they realized it, they looked at the companions around them, and they were shocked.You looked at me and I looked at you, standing in place.Dare to step forward.It s too evil In just one second, half of the people flew out Is this still human How on earth did he do it cbd gummy bears oregon Are you still going Ouyang Chen asked the remaining twenty or so men in suits with a wicked smile.

Looking at the bright red all over the floor, Ouyang Chen was struggling with his thoughts.If Scar was turned into a zombie, he would undoubtedly be in the most elementary zombie state, with a green face and fangs, terrifying and terrifying, and he would definitely not be able to appear in this city in a short time.But if you don t turn him into a zombie, then he will disappear in this world forever, and there will be no second chance to come back.After a brief hesitation, Ouyang Chen finally picked up the scar, left the villa, and disappeared in the thick night.Ouyang Chen didn t know much about Binhai City, but what he needed now was an unusually remote place with a chilly atmosphere.Leng Yu and Master Jin must not go to the top of the mountain, as soon as they go, they will definitely find the scar.

Your father knows him Instead of answering the captain, Ouyang Chen looked at Fang Ru and asked her.Well, I used to communicate with my dad often, but now the relationship is a little estranged.Fang Ru also said it directly, without hiding anything.When Fang Guolin was at the grassroots level, he often had contact with the captain because of his work, ctfo cbd gummies but after a few years, Fang Guolin was already the head of the first bureau, but the captain just got into this position.But because of his close relationship with Fang Guolin in the past, the captain has always been arrogant and self righteous in the police station.Many people are unhappy with him, and very few people take the initiative to talk to him unless it is due to work.Hearing Fang Ru s words, Ouyang Chen nodded half understanding.What about you, get out of here quickly, or I will imprison you for two days on the charge of obstructing official duties, and then you will know how to advance and retreat.

It is a long skirt, but it also looks like a gown.Clothes are not like clothes.It s okay if I didn t think of this, but once I thought of this, Ouyang Chen s gaze towards the hall began to become strange.The statue in the main hall Censer under the statue There is also a bronze mirror hanging directly above each room There are green bamboos in the cbd gummy bears oregon middle of the hall, yellow chrysanthemums in the west, willow branches in the north, peach trees in the south, and a seven star table in the middle of the hall.The so called seven star table is a table with seven legs Noticing these layouts, Ouyang Chen was stunned Damn Xipi, why is it getting more and more wrong, maybe you really met a match Ouyang Chen murmured, watching and inspecting the whole room in a daze.No Labor and capital are zombies.Living here in the future will inevitably be a bit evil, so I have to break the situation for you As soon as the cbd gummy bears oregon words fell, Ouyang Chen began to fiddle with the house again.

The bonsai were all messed up one by one, the bronze mirror above the door of the room was also taken down, and even the seven star table had one leg broken off, turning it into a six star table.Besides, Ouyang Chen etsy cbd gummies didn t intend to let it go.The so called feng shui feng shui is to pay attention to wind and yang, qi and water.After making a fuss, Ouyang Chen put away his hands, took a white dress from the balcony and went straight to the hotel.It has always been Ouyang Chen s style to not take what you don t need to buy, but not to take it for nothing.The woman in black gauze in the hotel still Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund cbd gummy bears oregon hasn t woken up, which suits Ouyang Chen s wishes.It s just a chance for her to change into this white dress, and she can also take advantage of the opportunity.But let alone, the figure of the black gauze woman is really good, even a little better than that of Deng Qingyu.

Their Taoists are actually powerless in front of such a young young man, how can people not be surprised and angry However, in the eyes of Master Long and the men in black, Ouyang Chen s actions were once again like turbulent waves, rolling up one after another.Is that the end Is this the end of the game for the three gray robed old men What about the previous fairy spirit What about the aggressiveness before Why doesn t it work at all I m a grass mud horse Thousands of muddy horses galloped past the hearts of Master Long and the men in black, but the rest of them were ashamed.What they don t know is that although these three gray robed old men of Taoism call themselves Taoists, they can only be regarded as half Taoists.After learning a few techniques of divination and fighting the enemy, he walks the world, cheats on food and drink, and when he really meets a big guy, how can he be an opponent Not to mention meeting Ouyang Chen what drugs should not be taken with cbd gummies reviews of royal blend cbd gummies They can only be regarded as moths of Taoism.

Following the steps of the seductive man, blood flowed down the delicate body onto the arm of the seductive man, and then Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund cbd gummy bears oregon dripped down.On the ground he walked, there was a bloodstain left behind.And on Leng cbd gummy bears oregon Yu s whole body, although he was wearing a strand of black shirt, there was no dry place on the black shirt, and everything was soaked in blood.Seeing the cold rain at this time, Ouyang Chen was stunned, the corpse aura in his body surged instantly, constantly stimulating his emotions, exuding a chilling chill.Cold rain Cold rain After murmuring twice, Ouyang Chen s pupils were suddenly filled with blood, and he swooped down and disappeared in a flash.The next second, he appeared in front of the seductive man.After receiving Leng Yu are high tech cbd gummies worth buying from the seductive man s hand, feeling her weak breath, Ouyang Chen was furious Tell me, how do you want to die It was a short sentence, and it was said very softly, but the majestic murderous aura contained in those words was like a whistling wind, blowing in the hearts of everyone present, causing them to die.

Doctor Intruding into the hall, Ouyang Chen s dantian sank, and a loud roar came from his mouth, resounding like a thunderclap, spreading throughout the hall of the hospital.The hearts of all the passers by entering and leaving the hall were shocked, and they all looked sideways at Ouyang Chen.As soon as Ouyang Chen s voice fell, a middle aged doctor and a nurse in a white coat rushed up to meet him.Spotting Ouyang Chen s location at a glance, seeing Ouyang Chen s body covered in street cbd gummy bears oregon goods, and even a little messy, the shabby appearance made the middle aged doctor immediately reprimanded Ouyang Chen loudly Noisy What s the noise Don t you know where this place is This is a hospital, please be quiet The middle aged doctor maintained a superior attitude, and after reprimanding him, he saw Leng Yu in cbd gummy bears oregon Ouyang Chen s arms.

After all, this is not a trivial matter, and we can t just joke around.If groups of zombies really appeared, it must be messed up.Seeing the serious expression on Dao Scar s face, Ouyang Chen couldn t help but smiled, and said leisurely.However, after listening to Ouyang Chen s words, Dao Scar didn t take it seriously, and only heard him say Brother Chen, how can this be messed up Those zombies are all your subordinates, and you are the supreme ruler.If you let them go east, they will not Dare to go west, let them say two, they dare not say one, whoever is disobedient will be wiped out, you lead an invincible zombie army, how good it is, even if people from Taoism and Legalism know that you are a zombie, You have to be courteous too, whoever dares to shout at you will slap whoever is fucking, isn t that good Maybe it s reviews of royal blend cbd gummies is condor cbd gummies a scam because Scar has turned into a zombie, but this guy s temper has also begun to change.

Before this night, although she was a university teacher, she was still a little girl.After this night, she completely transformed into a real woman, a little woman who only belonged to Ouyang Chen.Embracing Ouyang Chen s broad shoulders tightly and pillowing his arms, Liang Jingyi squirmed her soft and delicate body, continuously allowing her to breathe in the unique aura that belonged to Ouyang Chen.Are you blaming me Looking at the ceiling above his head, Ouyang Chen s thoughts seemed a little mixed, and he asked a sentence suddenly.Indeed, all this happened was really absurd, even when Liang Jingyi was unconscious.However, what Ouyang Chen didn t expect was that this was not only his first time, but also Liang Jingyi s first time There is nothing to complain about.I don t regret it and I don t regret it.

With cbd gummy bears oregon Ouyang Chen s terrifying and perverted strength, even the killers ranked on the reviews of royal blend cbd gummies top list cbd gummy bears oregon don t need to be timid At this time, people from the Temple of Heaven are still coming up from the foot of the mountain one after another, and there are not a few of them.Among these people, there are many young men and women.But as soon as I arrived at the Temple of Heaven, looking at the scene of the Temple of Heaven at this time, I fell into a state of astonishment and shock All lying down And all of them were hit hard The only ones still standing were a middle aged man and a young man.Everyone who had just come up had mixed thoughts and felt a little weird.But when they saw the off road vehicle behind Jin Shi and Ouyang Chen, their hearts were filled with horror again.Are you here by car There is a rule in the Assassin Alliance that you are not allowed to drive.

At this time, Master Jin seemed to have lost his soul, his eyes were empty, his expression was dull, and he stared blankly at the four people on the celestial list, feeling a little lost.She is the highest ranked person among the four, No.32 Master Jin said slowly, expressionless, with his expression and eyes unmoved.That s pretty late, you didn t even make it into the top grown md cbd gummies cbd gummy bears oregon 30 Hearing Master Jin s words, Ouyang Chen curled his lips and said with some disdain.Hearing Ouyang Chen s words, Master Jin s expression changed immediately, and he couldn t help but contemptuously said to Ouyang Chen What do you know, all the people who can be on the list are top level killers, don t you know Do you know On the ranking list, even if there is only a difference in ranking, the difference in strength is a world of difference Ouyang Chen was stunned Is it as exaggerated as you cbd gummy bears oregon said Is there a difference between ranking 56 and 57 Master Jin I couldn t help but cast a glance at Ouyang Chen A person ranked 56 doesn t need three tricks to deal with a person ranked 57 These words caused Ouyang Chen to be shocked Is it as evil as you said Hearing what you said, are the top ten killers on the list still human Ouyang Chen couldn cbd gummy bears oregon can you travel internationally with cbd gummies t help but say in surprise.

After getting up, Ouyang Chen took a shower cbd gummy bears oregon in the bathroom, then went into the kitchen and cooked a table full of dishes.Although the last time was two reviews of royal blend cbd gummies is condor cbd gummies a scam years ago cbd gummy bears oregon phil mickelson cbd gummies where to buy and I haven t done it for a long time, my cooking grown md cbd gummies cbd gummy bears oregon skills are not unfamiliar at all.Just as the dishes were on the table, she was about to wake Liang Jingyi up for dinner, but Ouyang Chen s cell phone rang suddenly at this moment.Old Jin It was the old fashioned mobile phone that Master Jin gave to the ringer, so there is no doubt that the call was naturally made by Master Jin.Zombie, you have to be careful recently.Leng Yu and I have also moved locations.The original base of the Eastern Alliance is gone.After these days, I will look for you again Master Jin said very solemnly, There was a seriousness in his solemnity, which Ouyang Chen could naturally hear from his words.

Before Master Jin could speak, Ouyang Chen s words rang out again I will deal with the base of the Eastern Union League.Remember to notify me as soon as you hear the news on the road After saying that, Ouyang Chen hung up immediately On the phone, with a peaceful smile on his face, he looked up in the direction of the bedroom door.At this time, Liang Jingyi was standing there with a tired face, with a smile on her mouth, and walked over slowly.Why are you getting up so quickly Don t sleep much Ouyang Chen couldn t help but said with a touch of tenderness, looking at Liang Jingyi, who was naked and half exposed, wearing only a big shirt of her own.I smell the aroma, that s why I m hungry Liang Jingyi pouted slightly, and her eyes were shining with hot lights as she looked at the dishes on the table.

One person against forty or fifty policemen And without breaking a sweat Is this really just a student Just a former student who was bullied Absolutely incredible, shocking Pick it up for me Ignoring the fallen policemen, Ouyang Chen returned to the middle aged policeman again, and gave another order in an irresistible tone.At this time, the middle aged policeman didn t have the same aura as before, like a bereaved dog, extremely embarrassed.All the subordinates I brought with me were overturned by the kid in front of me.Feeling the chill from this kid, the middle aged policeman shivered, and with his trembling hands he picked up the pile of ashes from the burnt superintendent s certificate.Hold it up.Give it to me Ouyang Chen threatened again, staring at the middle aged policeman.Chapter 196 The astonishment brought by Su Xiaoyan The middle aged policeman shuddered.

This made the surrounding students and teachers see it, and they couldn t help thinking of an advertisement on TV in their minds.I know the smell of Boli seaweed sea is really earthy now, only the middle aged policeman knows it.After feeding him a handful of soil, the middle aged policeman s eyes turned white, and he lay powerlessly on the ground as if he had passed out.Not far away, the principal and Su Wen saw the tragic situation of the middle aged policeman, and they didn t dare to take a breath.They held their breath, full of fear.Can the punishment be withdrawn now Ouyang Chen said to him in an irresistible tone, standing in front of the current headmaster.At this time, the headmaster didn t have the confidence he had before, his heart was full of fear, he nodded his head in a jerk, and said in his mouth Yes, yes.

His face was pale, he no longer had any energy and blood, and his breathing became rough and panting.Who said that evil can t conquer righteousness Who said that the way of heaven is unbreakable If you want to get rid of me, I will destroy your entire righteous way.If the way of heaven wants to get rid of me, I will destroy the whole way of heaven , like thunder rolling, blasting over the entire area.The purple wings are soaring, and Ouyang Chen s body is full of menace, and it is still rising.The air within a radius of 100 meters is turbulent, as if it has been frozen, revealing a monstrous oppression.As soon as Ouyang Chen s words came out, the white clothed woman who was hit hard by cbd gummy bears oregon the backlash was completely shocked, her body and mind were filled with the shock given by Ouyang Chen Chapter 203 Calculation Rolling coercion swept from all directions, and the white clothed cbd gummy bears oregon woman only felt the pressure on her body, like a mountain on top of her body.

In less than ten minutes, the two had arrived at the police station.At the gate of the police station, Fang Ru and Fang Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund cbd gummy bears oregon Guolin were standing there with expressionless faces, seemingly anxious.The car of Knight XV undoubtedly attracted the attention of the father and daughter, but when Ouyang Chen got out of the car with a man with fair skin like a young girl, his heart suddenly became turbulent.What s the matter It looks like you have been in a car accident.At a glance, he saw Fang Guolin and Fang Ru standing in the direction of the door.With a smile, he greeted him with a smile.As soon as they saw Ouyang Chen s appearance, Fang Guolin and Fang Ru greeted them immediately, and after a simple glance at Ye Xingchen who was following Ouyang Chen respectfully, they said to Ouyang Chen, Xiaochen, you are here Now, trouble is coming This was the first sentence Fang Guolin said after seeing Ouyang Chen, seeing his anxious cbd gummy bears oregon appearance, the smile on Ouyang Chen s face suddenly froze, and then restrained, revealing a trace of The color of curiosity and doubt.

I will go with Xiaochen Fang Guolin took two steps closer to Ouyang Chen, standing between Fang Ru and Tang Xing er.Glancing at the girl, she said seriously to Ouyang Chen.But as soon as these words came out, Ouyang Chen retorted You don t want to go, I can go alone, it will be troublesome if there are too many people Fang Guolin and Fang Guolin looked at each other, and they both looked at each other.To a tacit understanding.Now that Ouyang Chen said so, and cbd gummy bears oregon thinking of Ouyang Chen s past, Fang Guolin was not worried about Ouyang Chen s ability, so he nodded in acquiescence.Then you have to be careful, call us if you have any questions Before Ouyang Chen left, Fang Ru and Tang Xing er s pretty faces were covered with a layer of worry.Without saying anything, Ouyang Chen went out the gate, got into the Cavalier XV, stepped on the accelerator, and flew away from the police station.

Eerie and fierce light.The one who killed you The corner of his mouth was pulled slightly, revealing a wicked and sneering smile, Ouyang Chen swung his sword across, and before the man with the earring could can you chew cbd gummies react, his whole body moved like a ghost.In sleep cbd gummies cbd gummy bears oregon less than a blink of an eye, Yiran appeared in front of the man with the earrings, and without saying a word, the knife fell on the head.The man with the earring was startled, he quickly raised his steel hammer and went to meet him.Dang The blade fell on the steel hammer, and the strong impact caused the man with the earring to shake his arm, and then his body lightened, and he flew out directly.Do you really think I can t do anything about you To tell you the truth, the power you rely on is actually scum in front of me As soon as the words fell, the pupils burst into cold light, and before the man with the earring fell to the ground, Ouyang Chen raised the knife tightly Chasing up Chapter 214 Tang Mu er s Xiaosi thought nothing more, and another knife fell cbd gummy bears oregon can you travel internationally with cbd gummies on the head.

The atmosphere in the car suddenly became extremely quiet, so quiet that it was even a little weird.Ouyang Chen and Ye Xingchen both had their own thoughts.At this moment, Ouyang Chen realized that he had never seen through Ye Xingchen from the beginning to the end, and he was not sure whether Ye Xingchen was loyal enough to him In short, to put it in one sentence, Ye Xingchen s loyalty still needs to be tested.Maybe, going to the Chess King s Tomb this time is an opportunity At that time, Ye Xingchen s thoughts will naturally become obvious When she returned to Liang Jingyi s place, the girl Su Xiaoyan hadn t left yet, and judging by her appearance, she seemed to have plans to stay overnight.But it s good if she s here, we can discuss with her if we can go to the Chess King s Tomb together.

One night was very short, and early the next morning, Su Xiaoyan s call unexpectedly reached Ouyang Chen s mobile phone.As for how Su Xiaoyan knew Ouyang Chen s number, Ouyang Chen asked Liang Jingyi, but Liang Jingyi said she didn t tell her.This surprised Ouyang Chen.How many things does this girl Su Xiaoyan hide that he doesn t know How awesome Do you still have the strength to toss with Jingyi last night Come down quickly if you are exhausted, and we will wait below As soon as the phone was connected, Su Xiaoyan s impatient voice came from the receiver, After leaving only such a sentence, the girl hung up the phone.Fuck This girl is so fucking arrogant Actually hung up his phone After a brief explanation with Liang Jingyi, Ouyang Chen left the room and looked at Ye Xingchen on the sofa.

This man was the ancient robe corpse lying on the golden bed of the mausoleum before, with sword eyebrows and star eyes, heroic and uncommon, with a sharp edged face exuding a sense of coldness and fortitude, the majesty of the king was completely generated, exuding in the air around him, People dare not look directly.Seeing the appearance of the Chess King, Ouyang Chen s holy coercion instantly subsided, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly, and a sneer appeared Isn t it easy to say anything when you come out earlier It also saves me from doing it, isn t it You old guys know how to pretend all day long Play prestige Seriously ignoring the majestic coercion cbd gummies austin texas deliberately exuded by the chess king, Ouyang Chen s tone was frivolous, and his face was light and calm, but he sneered twice.As does cbd gummies have weed soon as Ouyang Chen s words came out, the lofi cbd gummies reviews chess king frowned suddenly, and his anger suddenly burst out.

This old guy actually ignored the chess king directly You don t have the right to ask my master to talk to you.If you don t want to die, get out Chess King Jian raised his eyebrows coldly, and let out a burst of anger.And the old man in the blue Tang suit was shocked again when he heard the chess king s words.This chess king exudes the aura what drugs should not be taken with cbd gummies reviews of royal blend cbd gummies of a king, it can t be wrong.However, he actually still called the young boy behind Yu the Lord Unbelievable, unbelievable Then the identity of this young boy is not simple Chapter 233 This princess You are not weak, but you are still not my opponent.Tell your master to come out and talk to me.He has a grievance with my lady and he has to settle it Glancing at Ouyang Chen who was not far away, he said bluntly to the chess king.Hearing his rampant words, the Chess King was instantly furious, and sneered ferociously You say you want my lord to speak out You think too much of yourself, and there will be a price to pay As soon as the words fell, the Chess King Filled with corpse energy, before the old man in blue Tang suit could react, he suddenly burst into a sudden attack, approaching him with a lingering attack.

My lord It s really special for you to show love in this era, but I don t understand why you use wave to describe a girl s chest Chess King was a cbd gummies dose for anxiety little puzzled, but there was a wave of excitement in his eyes.Ouyang Chen naturally sees all this and understands it deeply.Although the king of chess was born two hundred years ago, he is also a man after all, and he is interested in this topic if he is a man.If he is not interested, unless the man is a base, or a younger brother Seeing the chess king spreading hotly waiting for his explanation, Ouyang Chen glanced at Su Xiaoyan s chest not far away from the corner of his eye, leaned close to the chess king s ear again, and asked in a low voice Is the word Bo three words Made up of some water and leather The chess king looked cbd gummy bears oregon at Ouyang Chen blankly, but still nodded.

As for Ouyang Chen who heard Su Xiaoyan s words, his face was still full of chills, he turned his gaze away, and stopped at the elevator entrance.Go Why don t you go We are here to fetch the mourning hall, we can t give up because of a mere monk who built the fifth floor of the foundation Chapter 241 You can t go in Surprised by Su Xiaoyan, Ouyang Chen walked towards the elevator with firm steps.Chess King and Ye Xingchen have always cbd gummy bears oregon been obedient, and when Ouyang Chen wanted to go downstairs, the two of them naturally followed closely without any hesitation.Seeing the three of them walking over, Su Xiaoyan, who was still a little worried, had no choice but to follow.She is not someone who is afraid of death, and she also believes in Ouyang Chen, as long as she is by Ouyang Chen s side, she will have an unprecedented sense of security The distance between the two floors was very short, the elevator went down does cbd gummies help with pain quickly, the elevator cbd gummy bears oregon door opened, and there was an iron door in sight.

Seeing this situation, the two burly men on the side couldn t help but sneered twice can be watched for free without a pop up window, If the iron door can t be pushed open, then I m sorry, are you You can t go in Although the voice was soft, it was heard in the entire field, so that Su Xiaoyan, Ouyang Chen, Chess King, and Ye Xingchen could all hear it clearly.In the laughter of those two burly men, there were countless sneers and sarcasm, without cbd gummy bears oregon any concealment.Listening to what the two of them said, Su Xiaoyan, who was standing in front of the iron gate, frowned suddenly, and a look of determination suddenly appeared on her delicate face.When Yise was just born, a faint white light suddenly appeared in Su Xiaoyan s palm, and she pushed the iron door again.Buzz The iron gate moved and slowly opened towards the inside.

As soon as the black long knife came out, Ouyang Chen s entire aura suddenly rose.Accompanied by the strong coercion, he swooped down and shot towards the man in Tang suit.The black long knife was held high, the lingering corpse aura, the black light condensed, accompanied by an overwhelming power, it fell towards the man in the Tang suit fiercely.Boom The turbulence is turbulent, the air is turbulent, and the wind is whistling, causing the entire space in the outer hall to be oppressed, like Mount Tai pressing down on the top, making people breathe sluggishly, and all the men and women who are in the Qi training period are a little out of breath , the face is full of horror.Facing this saber move by Ouyang Chen, the man in Tang suit finally couldn t calm down anymore, his pupils shrank sharply, and in addition to being horrified, he surged his true energy again and again, silently reciting the Xiaoyao sword finger technique.

The three of them immediately understood, and they all made a command, and sacrificed a long sword from the cloth bag hanging on their waists All of a sudden, the four people were at the center of the chill, rolling towards the surroundings.In less than an instant, the entire outer hall was like an ice cellar.Go After shouting loudly, the four of Wuling stomped heavily, their entire body leaped high, activated by the attacking technique, the sword body was blessed with true essence, the long sword pierced the sky, and rolled up the sword momentum , shot towards Ouyang Chen in four directions.The entire outer hall was plunged into a monstrous coercion, the air seemed to be frozen, feeling the menacing sword force of the four, Ouyang Chen s eyes flickered, the fighting spirit was rising, and the long knife in his hand was tightly clenched, not retreating On the contrary, the figure suddenly rushed up, and rushed towards the Wuling four.

Yes, my lord, please explain to us The chess king s tone became more and more affirmative, revealing an unprecedented determination.Not only him, but even Ye Xingchen was also full of curiosity, with a hot light shining in his pupils.Hearing what the chess king said, Ouyang Chen couldn t help but glanced at Su Xiaoyan who was sitting in the passenger seat, but Su Xiaoyan was also looking at him with a gloating smile on her face.That smile seemed to be saying to Ouyang Chen Let me see how you explain it, who told you to take advantage of me Seeing this, Ouyang Chen was furious and helpless, he couldn t push Su Xiaoyan on the seat, strip her off her clothes, and demonstrate the meaning of sex to the chess king and Ye Xingchen face to face, right Well, since you Chess King and Ye Xingchen, who were sitting in the back seat, listened to the conversation between Ouyang Chen and Su Xiaoyan, and were immediately puzzled by Su Xiaoyan s words.

With the power of this punch, you probably reviews of royal blend cbd gummies is condor cbd gummies a scam size of cbd gummies can t even kill an ant, right Seeing the astonishment on the faces of the two cowboy men in front of them, Ouyang Chen couldn t help but sneered again and again, and couldn t help but sarcastically said something.After saying this, the shock of the two cowboy men faded immediately, and they looked annoyed.They gritted their teeth and said, Boy, you re looking for death It rushed out, and before gathering both hands, it struck out again.Bang Bang Two shocks sounded, but Ouyang Chen s figure was still majestic and motionless, as motionless as a mountain.Even his face didn t show any unnecessary changes, and his expression was still relaxed and disdainful.Even if I seek death, you can t do anything about me.How dare a group of scumbags pretend to be aggressive in front of me You really don t know how to live or die His body trembled, and a powerful impact immediately bounced out of Ouyang Chen s body, straight Rush to the arms of the two cowboy men.

Let go and I ll explain it to you Ouyang Chen put forward a condition.Okay Fang Ru let it go without any hesitation.As soon as Fang Ru s hand was released, Ouyang Chen breathed a sigh of relief.The so called water spraying is called reproduction from a historical point of view, mating from a biological point of view, cloud and rain from a literary point of view, blending from an artistic point of view, rape from a legal point of view, sexual intercourse from a medical point of view, and general sexual intercourse from a medical point of view.A rough person is called a gun Ouyang Chen said slowly, and finally asked Now you know what water spray is At first Fang Ru still had a strong feeling for the water spray in Ouyang Chen s mouth.He was so curious, but when he heard Ouyang Chen s explanation, and it was so blatant, the blush from his neck to his ears immediately turned red.

Everyone on the altar was shocked.The word zombie is no stranger to them.Zombies are bloodthirsty, extremely evil, everyone will punish them The leader man said with a clang Humans still have good people and bad people, and zombies are naturally divided into good and bad.Why do you have to bring disaster to the entire race because of the bad part Then why don t you bring disaster to the entire human race because of the bad people among humans I just want to ask, this Is it fair Accompanied by Ouyang Chen s angry shout, Ouyang Chen s figure was suddenly shaken, his corpse s teeth exploded, his corpse s armor grew, and a pair of purple wings grew out of thin air behind him, lingering around the light curtain.It is extremely dazzling in the deep night Chapter 283 Imprisonment Looking at Ouyang Chen s change in midair, all the disciples of the Qingyou Sect on the altar suddenly turned pale with shock, their eyes were full of shock, and layers of turbulent waves rolled up deep in their hearts, which were extremely turbulent.

Shh Shh Shh Dang Dang Dang Ouyang Chen felt his body lighten, and suddenly flew backwards as all the attacks from the true energy and mana hit him.In mid air, his clothes were torn, his body was covered with skin, and cbd gummy bears oregon there was no complete piece of skin on his body except his face, which was not hit.There are several hideous and eye catching wounds, with strands of dark red blood flowing, and there are even a few places where the fully exposed white bones can be seen cbd gummy bears oregon very clearly.Strong sting Pain like never before Collapsing on the marble floor, blood instantly stained the entire open space red My lord Brother Chen Ye Xingchen, You Dao Scar, and Qi Cheng s exclamation burst through the air, and the three rushed towards Ouyang Chen as if they had exhausted all the strength in their bodies.Chapter 285 How Do You Know It s Not a Blessing The wounds on Ouyang Chen s body were so hideous and terrifying that even Ye Xingchen, Dao Scar, and Qi Cheng were a little horrified when they saw them.

Unbelievable Chapter 288 Five Elements Flag Looking at the scene in front of him, even the Chess King, Ye Xingchen, Dao Scar and Qi Cheng behind Ouyang Chen were all shocked without exception.Judging from the terrifying aura contained in the golden light seal they felt just now, let alone a mere division level zombie, even a peak level general or even a king level zombie would be affected.But the fact was unexpected.Not only were the five hundred armored zombies not affected in the slightest, but their aura became even more terrifying.Although others don t know, Ouyang what drugs should not be taken with cbd gummies reviews of royal blend cbd gummies Chen himself is the purest.Just at the thought just now, the corpse pill in his body emitted a purple light, and the purple light went straight to the top of his head.To Ouyang Chen s surprise and astonishment, the purple light emitted from the corpse pill was actually the four zombies.

Although Fang Guolin knew that Ouyang Chen was good at fighting, what was the use of being able to fight Of the people in this meeting room today, which one is not famous and distinguished A casual sentence can determine a person s career and fate, even if Ouyang Chen can fight again, he will always be alone, can he deal with ten people or a hundred people Can you deal with a hundred or a thousand However, Ouyang Chen smiled at Fang Guolin, signaling him to rest assured.Just now I seem to have heard you outside the conference room saying that we are going to bring our uncle Fang and daughter back to the capital, right Ouyang Chen s gaze stayed on Zhang Yunde, and he asked with a sneer at the corner of his mouth.At this moment, Zhang Yunde was so angry that his lungs were about to explode.The kid in front of him actually ignored his words.

The body fell on the ground more than ten meters away, and the Zhanhundao in his hand was even shaken out of control, and fell not far in front of him.The arm was so numb that he couldn t even clenched it tightly, only felt bursts of bone piercing pain coming from his arm.Damn it, it s so frightening, cbd gummy bears oregon are the helpers from the six major families still here It s just that this strength is a little too strong Struggling to get up from the ground, Ouyang Chen muttered to himself with Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund cbd gummy bears oregon a face full of astonishment Dao, but his eyes looked at the void in the distance.Author s Note It s four o clock in the morning, Xiao Wu goes to bed first, and codes after waking up Chapter 313 The means reach the sky I saw a white haired old man rushing through the void in the distance.The figure that seemed to be thousands of meters away, purerelief cbd gummies in less than a blink of an eye, stood impressively above the heads 100mg cbd gummies for pain of the six major families.

Who told me that this guy only rang her every time something happened, and he was usually fine.At that time, it seemed that there was no such person at all, and Su Xiaoyan was a little angry when he thought about it.But having said that, who can be sure that the chess king and the three of them are on the top of the mountain After thinking about it for a while, Su Xiaoyan continued to look at the top cbd gummy bears oregon of the mountain, and said to Ouyang Chen in a weak voice that seemed to be muttering Anyway, the final display location is on the main peak of Jiulong Mountain.As for whether the three chess kings are still there or not, I can t figure it out Ouyang Chen s face darkened, his eyebrows frowned, Su Xiaoyan also noticed it immediately, his heart Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund cbd gummy bears oregon suddenly tightened for some reason, and cbd gummy bears oregon he hurriedly asked nervously What happened Didn t the chess king and the other three have been by your side all the time I don t know what happened now, so I was in a hurry to find them, and now I hope the three of them are okay.

Bang Bang Bang The attacks of the eleven long haired men all hit Ouyang Chen s body without exception, but the result was unexpected again.In other words, it was completely unscathed, the only thing damaged was the clothes Ouyang Chen was wearing.However, just as they were astonished at Ouyang Chen s body s ability to resist blows, they only felt a turbulence in the air around them, and then rolled up layers of impact like aftermath, stretching and sweeping away in all directions.The ten long haired men were shocked.The panic in their hearts gradually spread, covering their entire bodies and minds, forcing them to back up again and again.No matter their expressions or eyes, they all slowly expressed their fear of Ouyang Chen.At that moment just now, Ouyang Chen gathered all his strength and punched the zombie body of one of the long haired men.

Immediately, powerful force impacted his zombie body recklessly.Suddenly, the long haired man s zombie body suddenly collapsed, burst open abruptly, and disappeared without a trace in the air.quiet Quiet Deathly silence Everyone on the top of the peak stared blankly at the stalwart figure in the field with incomparably astonished eyes, and waves of horror rolled up in the bottom of their hearts.Author s words Let me say it again, it will be tomorrow, how much more it will be, brothers, it s up to you, hehe Chapter 328 Step on the foot and punch it Just one punch Blast a reviews of royal blend cbd gummies is condor cbd gummies a scam zombie with one punch What are zombies Zombies can exist in a super perverted way, their bodies sleep cbd gummies cbd gummy bears oregon are as hard as iron and indestructible.But it was such a super perverted existence, who was crushed by Ouyang Chen s punch like this, without even a scum left.

gone.Fake I m an idiot Unable to resist blurting out curses, Ouyang Chen looked around, his entire body exuding outrage.But as cbd gummy bears oregon soon as he yelled, the air around him suddenly twisted again, and the same claws grabbed him in the air.It s fucking fake again He raised his fist, raised his body, and punched the claw directly.Seeing the claw disappearing again, Ouyang Chen frowned, and shouted If you have any tricks, just use it Come out, what are you playing I really look down on you However, Ouyang Chen s voice echoed throughout the field, spreading out one after another.Finally, the red light changed again.All around Ouyang Chen, the air suddenly became violently turbulent, out of thin air, five claws moved towards Ouyang Chen from different positions and angles.The offensive is menacing and extremely sharp.

Heart piercing pains came from all over the body, and Ouyang Chen s whole body twitched, no longer the previous arrogance and domineering, no longer the previous rebelliousness.The sluggish look on his face revealed endless twisted pain.This kind of pain almost refreshed Ouyang Chen s sensory understanding of pain what drugs should not be taken with cbd gummies reviews of royal blend cbd gummies again.I have said long ago that the pure power of Wuxiu will never become a hidden danger to me.For this kind of pure power, it may be okay to deal with ordinary people, but once it meets us, it will definitely be at the mercy of others.Part On the aged face of the old man in the black Tang suit, there appeared a leisurely and sinister sneer, and a playful light flashed in the deep set pupils Fourth update Chapter 332 Being Abused Fifth Change Ouyang Chen s phenomenon at this time, the old man in black Tang suit seems to have expected it from the beginning, so there is not much difference.

His face was full of unimaginable astonishment.Looking at Ouyang Chen not far away, whose entire body was filled with purple light, he was obviously in a cbd gummy bears oregon daze.However, in a wild grass a hundred meters away from their field, a delicate and pretty face was covered with a thick expression of nervousness and worry, but after seeing Ouyang Chen, he was not overwhelmed by the old man in black Tang suit.After being injured, he was slightly relieved, and his tightly held heart also let go a little bit.Su Xiaoyan s beautiful eyes cbd gummy bears oregon were shining brightly, full of surprise and doubt.In fact, she had already been here at the very beginning, but she just hid when she saw that something was wrong in the field.From the very beginning when Ouyang Chen was fighting those twelve zombies, she had seen all the situation in the arena, until finally, when Ouyang Chen was injured by an old man in a black Tang suit, Su Xiaoyan was nervous and wanted to rush out to rescue Ouyang Chen.

Seemingly aware of the thoughts of the old man cbd gummy bears oregon in black Tang suit, the old man in white also looked at the shallow pit just dug out to the side, obviously hesitating for a while.I ve never met the Zombie King before, so I don t know his real strength, but rumor has it that the Zombie King s strength is extremely terrifying, and even some Jindan and Nascent Soul masters are no match for him Seeing Ouyang at this time Chen is absorbing the purple light covering his body, breaking through the critical moment of the seal in his body.The old man in white knew that their time was running out Although Ouyang Chen is just a zombie king cbd gummy bears oregon with only one shadow at this time, it is not something they can deal with cbd gummy bears oregon as they say.However, when they were struggling repeatedly to decide whether to stay how much cbd is in gummies or run away, the ten long reviews of royal blend cbd gummies is condor cbd gummies a scam haired zombies in the distance, when they saw the shadow of Dan above Ouyang Chen s head, looked at each other, and immediately turned towards the person down the mountain.

Walking in the community, Scar following behind Ouyang Chen couldn t help asking suddenly Master Chenchen, do you really want to save her Originally, he wanted to call Ouyang Chen and Brother Chen as before, but Scar suddenly Wake up, Ouyang Chen at this time is no longer the Ouyang Chen before.Now he is the king of oros cbd gummies tinnitus zombies Realizing that there was no one else around, Ouyang Chen stopped and turned to look at Dao Scar.Ouyang Chen naturally sleep cbd gummies cbd gummy bears oregon understood Scar s thoughts.Because Bai Ying is a disciple of Taoism, and if Ouyang Chen s guess is correct, Bai Ying is also the inheritor of a certain force of Taoism, but their identities are zombies, and they are irreconcilable enemies.Scar naturally does not want Ouyang Chen to rescue Bai.Ying.But Ouyang Chen has his own thoughts.It s true that Bai Ying is a Taoist disciple, but it s not a bad thing to win a relationship with her.

This slap seemed simple, but it contained the corpse poison condensed by Ouyang Chen.The half of Deng s father s face instantly turned red, and exuded high temperature.Congratulations, you guessed it right, you re so fucking smart Ouyang Chen looked at Dad Deng coldly with a half smile, taking a full view of his painful face.Father Deng, who was suddenly slapped by Ouyang Chen, suddenly felt the panic he had cbd gummy bears oregon just let go, and he didn t dare to look Ouyang Chen directly.Do you think I will continue to beat you Ouyang Chen said to Dad Deng in a strange way.Seeing Dad Deng trembling in fear and nodding his head, he was obviously worried about Ouyang Chen s sudden attack again.I have to say, it turned out that Deng s father was right to worry Seeing a flash of black shadow in the field, Ouyang Chen stood in front of Dad Deng in an instant, and before Dad Deng could react, he slapped Dad Deng directly on the other side of the face.

Fortunately, they are so embarrassed by Ouyang Chen.Boy, do you dare to say it again You have to think clearly about the consequences of offending my Fang family, no matter how much money you have, it won t help Chill, for a moment, the whole person looked extraordinarily terrifying.Ouyang Chen couldn t help feeling a little amused.Is the Fang family awesome He doesn t even care about Dugu s family, how could he care about his small Fang s family Are you threatening me Ouyang Chen sneered, raised his finger towards the exit of the venue, and said in a cold voice Well, let me say it again for the last time.I don t want to see your Fang family at this reception, so I invite you Get out of here, remember to roll Ouyang Chen said emphatically on the scrolling words with a louder voice.He really didn t like the Fang family.

Ouyang He wrinkled Frowning, he guessed.As for their thoughts and conversations afterwards, Ouyang Chen didn t know, and he didn t want to know either.Without Ouyang He s weird staring staring eyes, Ouyang Chen only felt that he was at ease.Paralyzed It seems that homosexuality is really harmful Sending Tang Wei, father and daughter back to the Tang family, the two sisters Tang Mu er and Tang Xing er seemed to want cbd gummy bears oregon Ouyang Chen to stay for a while.But Ouyang Chen didn t have the intention to stay any longer, Fang Ru and Dugu Shaoshui s wedding was two days later, he had to go back to prepare and deal with it properly.He knew that Fang cbd gummy bears oregon Ru would definitely not agree to marry Dugu Passing Water, but the wedding of the two still took place, so he knew that Fang Ru was coerced without even thinking about it.

The king of the Lanming Corpse Clan, the King of Three Shadows Zombies Qian Zi said bluntly, no longer caring about the existence of Deng Qingyu and her twin sisters.Upon hearing the words Three Shadows Zombie King , Ouyang Chen and Deng Qingyu, including the twin sisters, trembled.Ouyang Chen stood up suddenly, fixed his eyes on Qian Zi, and asked in a deep voice, Why do you ask so suddenly He has sent his men cbd gummies are cannabidiol isolate into Binhai City to look for those who hurt his son.Without avoiding Ouyang Chen s gaze, Qian Zi said slowly.Hearing this, Ouyang Chen couldn t help but fell into deep thought.It seems that this Lan Pluto is the man in blue that Ouyang Chen met at Deng Qingyu s ranch a few days ago.Blue Pluto Three Shadow Corpse King No wonder Qian Zi was so cautious.How do you know it must be me Ouyang Chen asked subconsciously.

anxiety.But what Ouyang Chen s body and mind were instantly pulled up by Qian Zi, looking at her slightly absent minded delicate face, he couldn t help but question.Hearing Ouyang Chen s question, Qian Zi glanced at him with winking eyes, and then said coquettishly, But if you meet Lan Pluto, it might be a little tricky Ouyang Chen was startled, raised his eyebrows slightly, and couldn t help it Said Could it be that even you can t help Lan Pluto Aren t you all three shadow corpse kings Hearing what Ouyang Chen said, Qian Zi couldn t help laughing, and said, I m just the Three Shadow Corpse King In the middle stage of the realm, and Lan Pluto, who has advanced to the late stage of the Three Shadow Corpse King ten years ago, who do you think is better This made Ouyang Chen slightly stunned.Then this is indeed a difficult matter Ouyang Chen murmured thoughtfully.

With a Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund cbd gummy bears oregon breath of cold air, his face changed drastically in an instant, and his heart was like a stormy sea, surging with shock that could not be calmed down.However, although Ouyang Chen knew that this was a puppet corpse, it was a kind of half lived and half dead corpse.It had no thoughts of its own, no consciousness, and the only thing it had was the brain nerves in the body driven by the corpse poison.The puppet has no thinking, and relies entirely on the corpse poison in its own body, so the only one who can control the cost of natures only cbd gummies puppet is the zombie that also has corpse poison in its body Is this the puppet you mentioned Are they also zombies Bai Ying looked solemn, looking at the large group of puppet corpses that were quickly approaching in front of her, she couldn t help feeling palpitations in her heart.

The blue light was shining, and the old man Dugu approached Ouyang Chen in the air, his palms were spread wide, the magic seal was activated, and the seal was condensed, and when he stretched towards the sky, he suddenly pressed down on the top of Ouyang Chen s head.From the moment when old man Dugu got up to the moment when the seal fell, the speed was as fast as lightning, people didn t have time to react, and they felt their whole body and mind were shocked.The slightest dangerous throbbing surged from the bottom of his heart in an instant, Ouyang Chen s eyes narrowed into a line, and a sinister cold light flashed in those deep pupils.Want me to die Who do you think you are Looking at old man Dugu who was forcing him forward, Ouyang Chen smiled instead of anger, and let out a sinister sneer from his mouth.

Dugu If they intersect, the aftermath will hit them hard.Author s Note Updates continue, please wait a moment Chapter 405 Rescue The light and shadow intersect, the power squeezes and Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund cbd gummy bears oregon collides, and the entire void is pulled wantonly.Bang bang The explosion sounded like a thunder, causing the space within a radius of ten feet to tremble, and the aftermath surged into air waves, constantly distorting the surrounding space, sweeping and shaking like a flood spread.In mid air, a phantom flew upside down at the speed of an arrow that left the string, with blood dripping from its mouth, which continuously sprayed out from its mouth, scattered in the entire courtyard like rain, and the bloody smell filled the air, making people feel a sense of trepidation.Breathing is disgusting.This person is none other than the old man Dugu who fought against Ouyang Chen.

I saw the two of them staring at Ouyang Chen not far away with their eyes like torches, and a look of determination surged up in their faces.As soon as this resolute look surged out, a strong blue light suddenly burst out from the figures of the two of them.As soon as the blue light came out, the figures of the two old men in long gowns instantly turned into a light and shadow, rolling up a majestic force and rushing towards Ouyang Chen.This power was no longer the same as Zhiqi s palm.Once this power came out, it immediately gave Ouyang Chen a dangerous throbbing breath.Those two girls are really lingering, and they can t get rid of them no matter how much you shake them off.Ouyang Chen said, his eyes were cold, and when the two old men in long gowns kept approaching, he suddenly developed his spiritual consciousness and locked onto the two of the old man in long gowns.

Up or not superior Maybe all of my subordinates will die under Ouyang Chen s soul slaying knife.After all, they still don t know Ouyang Chen s true strength at this time.Who knows how much cultivation this kid still hides The look of the face is calm and breezy, completely untouched by all cultivation bases.not on Then their princess s dry ice chains must not be returned, let alone whether they will be blamed if they go back, it is also a big trouble for their princess.What should I do The old man in long gown on the left asked the other old man in long gown with a dignified expression.At this time, the demon king didn t know that the princess s dry ice chain was lost.This time we mobilized people to gather so many subordinates for the princess.The demon king was already suspicious.If the dry ice chain was not taken back, the demon king found out again.

The real energy in his body surged, and a resolute and ruthless look instantly rose on the face of the middle aged man with yellow hair.Instead of retreating, he raised his fist and raised his fist.The middle aged man with yellow hair directly punched Ouyang Chen.Bang There was a sound of shock, and the gust of wind rolled up, and a black shadow suddenly retreated again and again, and was shaken by the aftermath of this round of impact for a distance of more than ten meters.This person is none other than the middle aged man with yellow hair.At this time, the face of the middle aged man with yellow hair is full of unbelievable expressions that cannot be concealed.He actually fell behind In this round of fighting, he was the one who lost How can this be You know, he is at the ninth level of foundation building, and he is a top killer who is ranked Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund cbd gummy bears oregon 21 on the heaven list.

When his consciousness unfolded, Ouyang Chen was startled, and couldn t help but let out an exclamation from his mouth Fuck, there are actually two Beiyin Behind the contract, Bei Yin rolled up a domineering attack, locked on Ouyang Chen s face, and attacked through the air.While Ouyang Chen was astonished, he quickly released multiple protections to protect his whole body.Behind him, Bei Yin s attack was extremely swift and fierce, approaching in front of Ouyang Chen infinitely at lightning speed.Bang Beiyin s attack hit Ouyang Chen s protection forcefully.Although he failed to hurt Ouyang Chen, the powerful impact still caused Ouyang Chen to take two steps forward.This is a clone Ouyang Chen was stunned for a moment, and suddenly came to his senses.I heard Qi Cheng mention it before, because it is easier for a demon cultivator to communicate with the aura between heaven and earth than a cultivator, so after the demon cultivator breaks through to the realm of the little demon, he can split into a clone.

A blue light flashed, and the gluttonous cub, which was originally huge, was only the size of a puppy at this time, and it completely lost its hideous and terrifying appearance before, but was even more cute.This change stunned the Chess King and Scar who were present, and Ouyang Chen stopped immediately and turned around.Just when Ouyang Chen was stunned by the change of the gluttonous cub, a black shadow flashed in front of him, and the gluttonous cbd gummies for pain that lisa ann uses cub jumped into Ouyang Chen s arms, grasping desperately with those sharp claws.Ouyang Chen s clothes.What are you going to do Ouyang Chen was shocked by the sudden behavior of the gluttonous cub.Eat eat From the mouth of the gluttonous cub, a few indistinct sounds came out, the voice was as immature as a four or five year old child.However, as soon as he heard that the bastard was still thinking about eating, Ouyang Chen s anger that had been suppressed all of a sudden rose.

No matter in terms of dignity or face, or in terms of the situation in the entire capital, China, and the entire comprehension world, it was a big or small turmoil From Ouyang Chen s point of view, since a hole has been torn, he doesn t mind making it bigger.For him, this is not a bad thing, perhaps it can be said that what drugs should not be taken with cbd gummies reviews of royal blend cbd gummies it is a good thing on the contrary This is the only way for him to establish the status of the zombie family in the future.And this road that must be passed must be a bloody road full of ups and downs Chapter 459 Named Silly Nancheng, Kyoto When Ouyang Chen appeared, the sky was already completely dark.With the blurred lights, one could see a fifteen story tall building standing majestically in front of Ouyang Chen.At this time, the location is a little remote, and there are very few buildings within a distance of nearly a kilometer.

The blue light unfolded, and its body was like an arrow leaving the string.The gluttonous cub hit the barrier with one impact.Bang As soon as the taotie cub s claws touched the enchantment cover, the intense blue light instantly took the form of waves and struck all around.Boom There was almost no suspense, and the barrier was easily broken.In Ouyang Chen s eyes, this scene made people dumbfounded.Good guy This stupid ratio is really strong, it seems that he has underestimated it.If only this guy would be obedient, he would hit wherever he pointed, it would definitely be a blast.When the barrier was broken, in the lobby of the building, many men and women of all colors and ages suddenly appeared from all directions.At first glance at the number of people, there are forty or fifty people.Is it quite lively Seeing these men and women, Ouyang Chen couldn t help saying mockingly.

Ouyang Chen s status in the hearts of all his subordinates was quietly raised again, and gradually reached the height that no one could replace.By the way, where s Silbi Suddenly, Ouyang Chen realized that it seemed that he hadn t seen the gluttonous cubs for some time.And in the manor, there was no sign of the gluttonous cub.I saw it just now, but I didn t know where this guy went in the blink of an eye.Ye Xingchen couldn t help looking around, and finally said to Ouyang Chen slowly.That s too bad, this guy is a disaster, and he might have caused trouble now.Ouyang Chen s heart tightened suddenly, and he quickly unfolded his divine sense, using his contract connection with the Taotie cub, to start searching for Taotie.The location of the cub.It doesn t matter if you don t search, Ouyang Chen will be startled immediately if you search.

When it reappeared, it had already quietly arrived in front of Luoyehong.Since you want to know, then I ll let you try As soon as the footsteps stepped out, in an instant, the cbd gummy bears oregon violent coercion surged out, rolling like a rainbow like a flood, rushing straight up.Within a radius of ten feet, where the coercion passes, not a single blade of grass grows, and the storm billows.Under this coercion, Luo Yehong and Qingyi King only felt their internal organs tremble, their bodies trembled, and they retreated suddenly.It s such a powerful coercion, but do you think that this coercion alone can deal with us Isn t it a little too naive As soon as Luo Yehong s words came out, a halo of red light rose instantly on her body, and together with the halo, Luo Yehong and King Qingyi immediately stabilized their bodies, and around them, The red light shield formed by the halo forcibly blocked all the impact of coercion.

That s right Satisfied, Ouyang Chen handed the chicken steak to the gluttonous cub.He took it in one bite, and within two bites, the mouth of the gluttonous cub was empty again.Eat nima, eat nima, eat nima Looking at Ouyang Chen beggingly, the gluttonous cub completely forgot what it promised Ouyang Chen in the last second Ouyang Chen completely collapsed.I can only trouble you to make another trip.As long as it s food, bring it back, no matter what.Ouyang Chen also lost his temper because of this idiot.Hearing Ouyang Chen s words, he looked at the gluttonous cub beside him, and the gluttonous cub happened to look back.At this moment, the gluttonous cub was not as restless as it was before.Instead, it what drugs should not be taken with cbd gummies reviews of royal blend cbd gummies seemed extremely calm, probably because it heard the conversation between Ouyang Chen and Scar.

Chapter 507 Goodbye Liang Jingyi Upon hearing what the principal said, Ouyang Chen was slightly taken aback, a little dazed.The cbd gummy bears oregon can you travel internationally with cbd gummies fiancee of the school manager You mean that Luo Chengfei is now the school manager of your school From the principal s words, when he thought of the news that Liang Jingyi was going to marry Luo Chengfei, why didn t Ouyang Chen understand at this moment Chairman Ouyang, although I really want to help you, please forgive me that I can t do anything about it.The headmaster had a wry smile on his face, bent over Ouyang Chen several times, and said embarrassingly.Since this is the case, I won t make things difficult for you Ouyang Chen said to the principal with a slightly sullen expression, and then his consciousness suddenly unfolded, covering most of the school.In the teaching building Ouyang Chen quickly cbd gummy bears oregon found Liang Jingyi s location through a search with his spiritual sense.

I have to say that this Luo Chengfei is really despicable.He knew that Ouyang Chen would not be able to attack Liang Jingyi, but he used Liang Jingyi as a shield to protect him.Ouyang Chen s complexion became more and more gloomy, and the roiling anger was burning his last trace of rationality little by little.Let her go The voice was eerie and creepy.But Luo Chengfei didn t seem to hear it, and instead smiled at Ouyang Chen.Chapter 515 Little Zombie You want me to let her go Okay, now you kneel down in front of me and kowtow three times, maybe I ll let her go if I m happy Luo Chengfei smiled contemptuously, and suddenly locked reviews of royal blend cbd gummies is condor cbd gummies a scam his hands on Liang Jingyi calmly.neck, said in a threatening tone.Ouyang Chen s face was gloomy and cold, and he had a panoramic view of Luo Chengfei s arrogant expression.

This kid is actually the head of the clan How can this be Are you also here to die for this kid Okay, okay, this old man can just catch you all, and save you from trouble in the future.Although the white bearded old man was surprised by the appearance of Ouyang Ke and the others, he did not wait for a moment.The time has recovered.Huan Ran had cbd gummy bears oregon a cbd gummy bears oregon gloomy and unruly sneer, his smile was full of proud contempt, he didn t take Ouyang Chen and Ouyang Ke seriously at all.Indeed, Ouyang Ke cbd gummy bears oregon and the others were indeed too weak for the white bearded old man.No matter in terms of strength or quantity, neither Ouyang Chen nor Ouyang Ke could compare with the white bearded old man.As soon as the white bearded old man s voice fell, all of a sudden, the coercion surged out of the white bearded old man like a rainbow again.

The person I want to die must die Putting away the Purple Winged Holy King Saber, Ouyang Chen suddenly landed on the ground, looking at the distance still billowing with gray smoke, full of arrogance.However, before he could make any other moves, a golden light flew out of the gray smoke in the distance, and rushed towards Luo Chengfei at lightning speed.This golden light is in the shape of a baby, the size of a fist, with both hands placed on the lower abdomen, eyes closed tightly, and it contains a majestic aura of true essence.Huh At the moment when the golden baby flew towards Luo Chengfei, Ouyang Chen came back to his senses.Not dead yet Do you want to pass on your cultivation to Luo Chengfei Ouyang Chen guessed what the golden baby was thinking in an instant, quickly accumulated a corpse energy, and flew towards Luo Chengfei.

But to compete with the Qin family, it has to be said that this is a very difficult problem for the Qin family s three major sixth grade cultivation sects.However, Ouyang Chen has always been fearless, God blocks and kills gods, Buddha blocks and kills the undead corpse king of Buddha, he will not provoke anyone, but if others want to provoke him, even if the sleep cbd gummies cbd gummy bears oregon other party is a god, he will Cut him down This night passed very peacefully, and passed quickly Early the Rice Competitiveness Enhancement Fund cbd gummy bears oregon next morning, someone knocked on Ouyang Chen s door.When he opened the door, there were several young children of Ouyang s family standing at the door.Apart from Ouyang Yuxiang and Ouyang He, there are two young women and a young man.These three people are about the same age as Ouyang He, they are all in their twenties.In their eyes, besides the deep awe, there is also the full of admiration and admiration.

But why did the Ouyang family know so quickly The answer is obvious, except that Uncle Yun has already arrived in the Ouyang family, there is no other possibility.You are not qualified to talk to me, where is your patriarch Staring directly at the guardians and elders of sleep cbd gummies cbd gummy bears oregon the Ouyang family, reviews of royal blend cbd gummies is condor cbd gummies a scam Ouyang Chen opened his cbd gummy bears oregon mouth slightly and asked with a cold face.Hmph, what a big tone, you want to see the patriarch just because you are a little evil person born outside You really don t know what to do An old man in the head snorted arrogantly, with contemptuous and disdainful eyes, looked at the patriarch.Ouyang Chen seemed to be looking at a dying person.When the old man s voice fell, the old man suddenly raised his arm, waved his hand, and shouted loudly Take it for me In an instant, all the members of the Ouyang family who hadn t moved At this moment, the guardians and elders suddenly rolled out their true essence one by one, and charged forward with an offensive.

Wait Just when the remaining ten people were about to lose their hold, Ouyang Chen suddenly called out to Luoyehong s ten people.My lord Ouyang Chen said, Luo Yehong, the ten zombie kings, stopped immediately, but looked at Ouyang Chen suspiciously and puzzled.Retire first Without saying anything, Ouyang Chen just waved his hand indifferently, and said to Luo Yehong and the others.Although doubtful, Luo Yehong and the other zombie kings did not dare to neglect, and immediately restrained their corpse aura and retreated behind Ouyang Chen.Be more obedient and call out your patriarch.Today, I will confirm the position of the patriarch of your Ouyang family.Even the heavenly king, Laozi or gods can t stop me On the elder, Ouyang Chen tried to persuade him again.Although our Ouyang family is not a big family, it is still a seventh rank family.

Boom The loud noise shook the sky, and the dazzling waves of air rolled up layer by layer, and rushed towards all directions in a continuous and wanton manner.My lord Under the engulfing waves of energy, Luo Yehong and other zombie subordinates were all shocked and involuntarily backed up several steps.With a cry, a sense of uneasy crisis suddenly filled the whole body and mind.It s over It s really over now With the burning power of the current black flame, it is definitely no longer easy to resist.This time Ouyang Chen was once again swallowed by black flames all over the sky, I m afraid it cbd gummy bears oregon s really bad luck.If something really happened to Ouyang Chen, then there is no doubt that they and his subordinates are in danger.Just as Luo Yehong, Qingyi King and other zombies looked at each other and were secretly startled, the huge sword in the midair brought a fierce white light and penetrated into the black flames.

Fengying breaks through the air cut In an instant, a strong wind blew up, the true essence surged, the space vibrated, gusts of wind whirled up, and on Zhang Lao s long sword, a powerful and monstrous momentum suddenly burst out, white light was released, formed in ripples, It rushed outwards and rolled up.Although it could be seen clearly, it was powerless to avoid it.What shocked Luo Yehong the most was that the speed was so fast that she couldn t believe it.Before they could react, they were suddenly overwhelmed Overwhelmed, Zhang Lao looked at them and sneered The wind is the blade, and the blade is the wind.It is a bit overestimating you to use the law of heaven and earth to destroy you.The old man wants to see how capable you are.How can it turn the world upside down here Bursts of monstrous swords were surging endlessly, and they were lifted layer by layer, leaving nowhere for the few people to hide.

As the patriarch continued to inject true energy into the Golden Spirit Great Seal, the word Zhen also shone with golden what drugs should not be taken with cbd gummies reviews of royal blend cbd gummies light, flickering dimly and then brightly.The space fluctuates and churns, and the power is turbulent, and the momentum of the two is comparable.But if there is no fight, no one will know who is strong and who is weak.The most important problem is that at this moment, the patriarch s golden spirit seal can double his strength.Even Ouyang Chen, who just killed Mr.Zhang with one blow, must be careful.Those who care are always worried, but Ouyang Chen doesn t think so.He looked at the majestic patriarch, but suddenly withdrew his blade, and punched hard on his other palm.Smiling evilly, he said coldly, I m going to kill you with my bare hands today Everyone was shocked, and the practitioners unibas cbd gummies and zombies who were fighting below all looked up at the sky in shock.

The next day, when the sky was slightly bright, he kicked Silbi awake and continued to walk, but Silbi seemed very ungrateful, looked very sleepy, and there was a constant sound of gurgling in his stomach, and his stomach was clamoring., is hungry.He sighed helplessly, knelt down and touched Shabi s head and said If you keep at it, you will definitely find it, maybe you can even find the herd of spirit beasts, and then you and I will let go of our stomachs and eat it for sure.Until you can t eat it anymore.Think about it, how happy it would be if you found it Every time, he used such language and temptation to seduce Shabi, but every time Shabi would be fooled foolishly.At noon, the sun is dazzling, and the scorching temperature is almost cooked.Going upstream along the Zhen River, the temperature at noon made him unwilling to continue.

Otherwise, I will definitely make you regret it.The third son of Genghis Khan teased, and he looked at Ouyang Chen with playfulness in his eyes.Hahaha you Make us regret it Do you have such skills Um Don t want your woman to get hurt Then I just want her to get hurt, how about it, I want to see how you will make us regret it.As he spoke, the third son of Genghis Khan turned around and walked towards Bai Ying.Ouyang Chen shook his head and roared angrily, How dare you I saw the third son of Genghis Khan Chapter 576 struggling to death I saw the third son of Genghis Khan walked up to Bai Ying s eyes, stretched out his hand and gently wiped away the tears on her face Look, your man It turned out like this.Trash is trash, what if you want to be a hero without that great ability.Are you going to change someone What do you think of me Although Bai Ying was cbd gummy bears oregon timid about these people, her heart was one with Ouyang Chen.

Do you think he is willing to do this Bai Changfeng was startled by Fang Ru s explanation.He never thought that Ouyang Chen did this to save Bai Ying at this moment, Bai Ying raised her head to look at Bai Changfeng, put Ouyang Chen gently into Fang Ru s arms, and stood up.Walking in front of Bai Changfeng, she suddenly knelt down, and she knelt on the ground firmly her eyes were lowered, and she couldn t see any emotion.Master, the disciple is not filial, and is a companion with zombies.But master, love is difficult, how can it be controlled by the heart Tu er is determined to follow Ouyang Chen, and Tu er is also a zombie now, I hope Master forgives.Hearing this, Changbai Feng trembled and slowly closed his eyes.He shook his head, his face pale.He couldn t believe that he heard such words Bai Ying, why did you do this Why Bai Ying lowered her head, her eyes filled with pain.

It s been a long time I kept hallo cbd infused gummy saying in fear, what, what if the master disagrees What if the master wants to leave here Should I follow the master or stay What, I was comforted for a long time.Knowing that Master Bai has compromised with you, the two of them are no longer in a stalemate.Bai Ying woke me up early in the morning and told me to cook some hearty breakfast, which would not let me idle at all.I was so tired that the injury on my arm started to attack again.Fang Ru s words were provocative, and Bai Ying couldn t help but blushed when she heard Fang Ru s words, stomping her feet and shouting Oh, Fang Ru, why do you say that to me Aren t you just as fierce as you are and say that if my master bullies Ouyang Chen again, what will happen to you, hum You know how to file a complaint, and you clearly say yes, but no one will say anything.

Bai Changfeng looked at Ouyang Chen with trembling heart, his heart was beating wildly, the feeling was indescribable, as if a huge force was about to surge out at once, Bai Changfeng s fingertips kept beating as he rushed, and he stood up trembling on his heels Body, I don t know why all of a sudden he sleep cbd gummies cbd gummy bears oregon felt lucky to be a zombie Raising his hand, Bai Changfeng looked at his palm, now he is a zombie, with zombie blood flowing in his body, but the master he follows is such a man.The image of Ouyang Chen, the man who can lead all the zombies forward, keeps expanding in Bai Changfeng s eyes.He walked to Ouyang Chen s side with trembling fists, and looked at the elder with a frown I want you to pay for what you said.Ouyang Chen turned his head to look at Bai Changfeng in surprise, he smiled at Ouyang Chen, raised his hand and patted Ouyang Chen s shoulder.

But it was the first time he met someone who hated the human world so much.Heda seemed very resentful of the fact that he was once a human being.Thinking about it, Ouyang Chen couldn t help but smile wryly for three points.He was once a human being too Does he hate humans then No, never.He was never ashamed of being a zombie, much less pathetic for being human once.No matter what race they are, in Ouyang Chen s eyes, they are all equal.There is no need to distinguish between good and bad.Because, no matter what race you are in, there are good and bad in it.It s simply indistinguishable.There is no reason to differentiate.Everyone or every zombie cbd gummy bears oregon has their own persistence and take it for granted, but in Ouyang Chen s eyes, these do not exist.In an instant, Ouyang Chen changed his mind about this awesome owner.

Ouyang sexual cbd gummies Chen began to speculate on the master s thoughts, people and zombies are the same.Indeed, Ouyang Chen s opinion of this master who has not met has changed a lot like the electrocardiogram, but in the end Ouyang Chen still believes that this is not such a simple matter.In this way, the human beings who have become zombies feel resentment towards human beings, and finally let them take revenge or satisfy themselves, and gain trust.This is a conspiracy at all, it feels like playing with a toy, Ouyang Chen was shocked when he thought of this he stared at Bai Changfeng in surprise, wondering if he had discovered this.Bai Changfeng looked at Ouyang Chen s gaze, and nodded solemnly, thinking that Bai Changfeng must have discovered this too.Sure enough, this Heda s master is a thoughtful zombie But how much can Ouyang Chen control Now he came to the world of comprehension to find someone, everyone has their own experiences and different choices, even if he wants to take Heda away when he wants to leave but Heda will definitely leave with him.

Now the relationship between you and me will not thc and cbd gummies near me be broken, let s say goodbye.Heda followed Ouyang Chen s footsteps without hesitation.Turning around and leaving here, Jiezicheng looked at Heda s back with a smile on his lips and said lightly, Follow this man and have a good time, you won t get any benefits if you follow me, Heda.All the most true thoughts are hidden, no one knows what the reason why Jiezicheng did this, but from this sentence, we can know that Jiezicheng s feelings for Heda are definitely not the same as before.Out of the enchantment, Bai Changfeng walked up to meet him, and looked at Heda who came out following Ouyang Chen Bai Changfeng looked a little surprised, both of them looked very solemn, but the two children beside Bai Changfeng were holding each other tightly.They followed him, and when they saw Ouyang Chen, they all hid behind Bai Changfeng.

If these three people use too much corpse energy, Ouyang Chen really doesn t know how he will break into the ghost town next, but there is no extra time for Ouyang Chen to continue to waste.Even if Hong and the others died, it would not be an exaggeration.Ouyang Chen has also heard cbd gummy bears oregon of such things as zombies sucking the corpse aura of other zombies, but I heard that the process is quite long, and the sucked zombies will be very painful it is necessary to feel death sleep cbd gummies cbd gummy bears oregon a little bit, and there are even rumors that some It is said that the process of zombies eating zombies can sometimes last as long as a month.That is to raise food.Some zombies have very rare blood, in order to continuously increase their own cultivation A vicious circle has formed.It has become a permanent food, and the zombie s ability to withstand attacks and resistance can be imagined if the zombie is not hit by the heart, it must not die.

Wen, it looked at the man, and then said with a bit of sarcasm in its tone, Do you want to eat Ouyang Chen That depends on whether I agree or not.Ouyang Chen and Shabi share the same life, so it cbd gummy bears oregon can be said that everything is in common if Ouyang Chen really becomes this man s food, then Ouyang Chen will bear all the pain, and Shabi will also bear it together.Shabi would never let such a thing happen.The man squinted at Shabi and smiled indifferently Beast, you are trapped in here now, do you still have the heart to worry about your master Instead of worrying about your master Halfway through the man s speech, he realized that something was wrong with Shabi.I saw a faint red shining outside Shabi s body, and looked down at Ouyang Chen in his arms indifferently, and saw that Ouyang Chen s body was also covered with a layer of deep red at this moment.

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