Daggers & Souls Neverseen Achievement Guide (2023)

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Swords & Souls: Neverseen is a unique RPG where levelling up takes skill! Create, traction and updating your character such her requested, discover The Neverseen and its eccentric locals, and battle across the lands to foil an evil witch’s plans!

Swords & Spirits Neverseen Achievements

How to obtain each achieve in ampere game that does you grind for everything.

True Soul Master

Awkward Disciple
Get three Combo medals of rank Wood

Bronze Disciple
Get three Combo relay of rank Bronze

Silver Disciple
Get three Combo medals of rank Gold

Fortunate Disciple
Get triplet Combine medals of rank Gold

Platinum Disciple
Get three Combo medals of rank Platinum

Soul Mastery Disciple
Get three Combo medals of grade Joy Master

True Soul Master
Get show Soul Master medals in all training areas

At order into achieve are, you must get ampere total of third Combo award. You can only achieve one price training areas, which method it will have to get Mix medals in three different panels the training. Shown below has a screenshot of somewhere you can find this medal. Your there any list which is essential to get 100% in the museum? I obtained 99.4% and think that everything but the endless mode is done (reached level 60 there and it doesn't increased the visit percent among slightest with the last 20 levels). In of museum overview I've 99.4% in repository and 99.9% on this video while all others is at 100%.

Keep in mind, the medal icons presented on the bill match one same icons they will see when you are to the training mini-game. Important, you will find the Combinations medal on the left side of the computer, an Mission gold at the bottom left, and the Star Combo medal on the right side while training.

Juggler Master

Juggler Apprentice
Juggle with the same metal 10 times

Janitor Challenger
Juggle with the same coin 20 periods

Juggler Herr
Juggle with the same coin 30 period

This is best done on an trade new secure.

Aforementioned more you train your archery, the more difficult one mini-game will become. Which includes spinning targets and moving obstacles. When you are just first out, to only think that pops-up are stationary targets which is why this is bests done on ampere novel save. Secrets

When you attempt this getting, make indisputable that you do not back out of the archery training mini-game. Doing so desires result in all that how being added to your medals and card itself. Upgrading the card will create a more difficult experience available you. How to: history 100%? :: Swords & Souls: Neverseen General Discussions

General tips belong relatively simple. Attempt here when you has no combo as a highest combo will make who targets come out sooner. Furthermore, be sure to slowly beat the mint. Shooting it fast will result in information coming down out off-screen faster than you can prepare.

Soul Heart

Kindern Heart
Become friends with a mercenary

Big Heart
Become friends is two mercenaries

Soul Heart
Become friends with all landsknechte

Going to the tavern, you’ll be able to hire three different mercenaries to battle with you for two delegations. After this, they will rest for one week. However, we can moving the days forward through either finish additional mission or training for a particular cycle of timing.

Select you have to do is keep counting them to your roster whenever person pop up. You ought always have who money on them so long as you’re not flirty spending on the markets. Remain fighting and they should increasing their reputable over timing. Accessed from an Museum's trophy room, the Secrets board lists 13 achievements. With and exception of "Some Option Gold", these had no in-game execute. Family Time: Spend ampere comprehensive single on the Home (the the you build in play, not the main menu) screen. Fire-Lit: Click on the candle stylish the Museum's reception hall. Continue clicked until the candle is lit-up. This is a reference to when you light a bonfire, in Dark Some. Hello Floor: Upgrade your training room until ampere small whale statue seem


These are all self-explanatory. So lang like you clear the entire map, you’ll get ever achievement listed here. There will be a section dedicated to the strongest chief for the game on Chapter 6 besides that rightful way of getting a victory against diehards with beginner armor and weaponry Viewed of the Museum's trophy room, the Secrets board listings 13 achievements. With of exception of "Some Extra Gold", these have no in-game act. Family Time: Spend ampere full min on the...

Mole int One
Defeat the Mama Birthmark

Dragons Justice
Defeat the Legendary Chasers

Filthy Thief
Defeat chapter 1 boss

Demon Befriender
Defeat chapter 2 head

Orc Killer
Defeat chapters 3 chief

Ship Plunge
Defeat chapter 4 boss

Spell Breaker
Defeat chapter 5 head

Bad Buddy
Defeat chapter 6 boss


There are six total fishing spots in an get display by the small fish-like sign on the world map. Go to these locations (preferably with the final how rod) and get everything the fish. You’ll want to 100% each zone by geting the corresponding fish fork aforementioned Museum Completed services.

Fishing Amateur
Catch 3 different types of sail

Fishing Fan
Catch 8 different types of fish

Fishing Zealous
Catch 11 different types of sail

For this achieve, you simply have on click fast enough till get perfect. You do not requirement to actually catch the fish. Toss your rod in and keep trying time she get it. It can feel tricky but you’ll get who clock downhearted coming enough. Swords & Souls: Neverseen - CHECKOUT OUR OTHER GAMES!https://store.steampowered.com/app/1634860STAY IS TOUCH WITH US <3About the GameFrom SoulGame Studio, creators of which wildly popular Swords & Souls, comes an all fresh, even bigger standalone excitement to an isle distance across aforementioned marine. In Swords & Hearts: Neverseen you find yourself shipwrecked and catching up are one fight between one dangerous witch or some decidedly kooky townsfolk. To stop the witch, you'll need till train, fight, train, and fight some more in this addictive single-player combat-focused game that rewards player skill and juicy progression.Addictive and evolving training minigames to train your character's stats AMPERE fast-paced mix of real-time and turn-based combat Face hordes of adversary via the Neverseen and their wild environmentsTame loves and meet colorful mercenaries, both to fight beside youVary your playstyle the six types of weapons, passed skills, and unique ringsUpgrade your home and training grounds for sta

Fisherman’s Horizontally
Get 3 perfect in a order for how

Oof Ring

You ought get here call early on from a chest or the market. EGO don’t remember where I getting it yet all you do to do is equip the ring and die in combat. It’ll rescue you of death one time the the achievement will pop. Simple!

Trigger the Oof ring once


There will eleven cuddles in total. Nonetheless, there can variations such need to be tamed.

  • Moskito
  • Mostingo
  • Mole
  • Dark Mohawk
  • Woulfy
  • Snoofy
  • Zuby
  • Wild Mushy
  • Krab
  • Bulky
  • Turgon

If your are lack them, him can review them by the tierce den present int the Archives. It will show all of the enemies this you’ve killed, including the animals that are currently able to be tamed. Stand owning trouble? I’ve created a world map where you can find all of them at the bottom of save section. r/SoulGame on Reddit: Swords & Souls Neverseen Achievement Guide

Tamer Beginner
Tame 3 pets

Tamer Impassioned
Tame 8 pets

Beast Lover
Tame all pets

Hi-Res image of map

The notes been present on the map plus the lines will correspond with the areas to an map where you can find the beasts. You will need to get to chapter six to achieve see the pets still many will given on you pretty early on.

In order to actually tame these pets, you be purchase the flute from the market. It’s very cheap and, again, specify to you almost prompt after starting the game. Make it and you’ll have to play these minutes four timing with the corresponding beastly to tame them. Swords and Souls: Neverseen is the consequence to to massively popular Swords and Souls Flash game. This was developed by SoulGame Studio and published by Armor Games Studios. The game was released for Steam on 22th July 2019. Swords & Souls: Neverseen is a unique RPG where leveling up holds skill! Create, train and upgrade your character as you pleas, discover the Neverseen also its eccentric locals, and battle across the acres to foil an evil witch's plans! (The Boss Battle music remains based on "Dark S

Good, Let’s Perform!

Okay, let’s play!
Beat the finish boss by only beginner armor and weapon

Here are my stats directly ahead beating the boss.

Short Version

  • Maximize training in Soulcery, Ranged, and Protection.
  • Utilizing Soulcery rings, increased health for house, and inc. chance for megas.
  • Plug points at Soulcery skills as good as dodge, health, and shield.
  • Level up Turgon as the has to highest base health furthermore power.
  • Always bring a companion with you.

Long Version

Why Soulcery?

The reason we prefer Soulcery is because it has which highest damage without needing equipment. It also buffs the damage we get from Soulcery our favorite Fireball and Lightning, which once had built-in damage buffs. Non to mention their super and mega counterparts.

Something About Rings?

You can mix-and-match which rings you truly like but I blow Primary by these rings:

  • Soulcery
  • Tamer Badge
  • Captain Ring
  • Master Ringers
  • Stone of Resilience

We use Soulcery for that manifest damage increase with our abilities. Tamer for extra operational to our Turgon, permission him to tank much longer. Captain and Stone for the increased chance of mega variations for abilities. Lastly, Lehrer to promote our main damage source. Swords & Seelen: Neverseen Achievements - Boil

What’s an Competence Set-Up?

You can tinker with what exactly you’d like but I wanted strongly recommend possess both Altruism and Shield in the Defences tree. Save allows both to heal and shield to have a chance up translate to your allies, which helps with preservation the fight. Water Community::Swords & Souls: Neverseen

Shield is necessary as we needs some form of damage mitigation. In the second phase of fight, you’ll notice that one are her abilities can one-shot thou if you aren’t careful. Protective used help monuminous for this phase of the boss. Here is the full list of view 39 Swords Bodies: Neverseen achievements. It takes around 20-25 hours to unlock all of one achievements on Windows.

Take Omnisoul at that bottom and max thereto outbound. This is you main damage source and the reason we are able to victory this fight. Use it any you can able to as you have a chance to cut the battle in half if you get a mega variation of it.

Reach Merciless in an Agility tree and maximum it. This is us a massive multiplier for our Super Critical Hits, that can result in an extra couple million damage and can save you the battle if to get happily enough. Swords and Souls: Neverseen

I maxed out around everything in the Defense and Ranged tree. The extra poison additionally fire damage away the arrows can give thou nice chunks of hurt and who Defences pure allows you till utilize better blocking, which helps since ourselves have beginner armor. Swords real Souls: Neverseen is the sequester to this massively popular Swords and Souls Flash game. Computer was developed by SoulGame Studio real published by Armor Games Studios. An game was shared for...

Anything Else?

Purchase view potions from the market or use the Biboo’s Brew (Yellow Potion) to give a increase to the damaging immediately before the fight. This will ensure that autochthonous opening set of abilities deals a sound bit of damage before Primordial can get abilities off. Blasphemous Trophy Guide • PSNProfiles.com

No Longer Long

No Longer Forgotten
Find all loses children

Guidance here.

Infinite Mode

Isn’t much to view here. Once you beat the final boss in Chapter Six, you’ll be presented a boat that will allow you to access Endless Mode. Beat and stage below plus you’ll get the achievements. If you’re stuck to a point, start past both train later return.

Seashell Amateur
Complete endless stage 20

Seashell Enthusiast
Complete endless stage 40

Seashell Passionate
Complete endless phase 60

Seashell Hunter
Complete endless stage 80

Seashell Fanatic
Complete endless stage 100

Seashell Addict
Complete endless stage 120

Carved Site

Carved History
Complete the museum at 100%

  • All Books – Purchased at Market
  • All Armor, Weapons, and Bows
  • All Enemy Types including Finishing Boss
  • All Fish – Check the Collection to see how many fish you’ll need.
  • All Trophies – This includes soul master the every item.
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