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Botany - Section A


UV rays are highly injurious to living organisms as:
1. they are a part of invisibleelectromagnetic spectrum
2.they cannot be stopped by atmospheric gases
3.they are preferentially absorbed by DNA and proteins
4.they cause dissociation of atmospheric oxygen


When a threatened plant needs urgent measures to save it from extinction, the desirable approach is
1. in-situ conservation
2. ex-situ conservation
3. cryopreservation
4. biopreservation


The greatest biodiversity on the earth is found in
1. African grasslands
2. Amazonian rain forest in SouthAmerica
3.Western Ghats in India
4.Nile delta in Egypt


The accumulation of herbivore biomass in an ecosystem is an example of
1. biogeochemical cycles
2. transpiration
3. net primary productivity
4. secondary productivity


What is the percentage of photosynthetic active radiation [PAR] in the incident solar radiation?
1. 100 %
2. 50%
3. 1-5%
4. 2-10%


Given below is a simplified model of phosphorus cycling in a terrestrial ecosystem with
four blanks (A-D). Identify the blanks.
Please be patient as the PDF generation may take upto a minute. (1)

1.Rock mineralsDetritusLitterfallProducers
2.LitterfallProducerRock mineralsDetritus
3.DetritusRock mineralsProducerLitterfall
4.ProducerLitterfallRock mineralsDetritus


The highest number of species in the world is represented by
1. fungi
2. algae
3. mosses
4. lichens


Which one of the following have the highest number of species in nature?
1. Insects
2. Birds
3. Angiosperms
4. Fungi


Which one of the following shows maximum genetic diversity in India?
1. Rice
2. Maize
3. Mango
4. Groundnut


Chipko movement was launched for the protection of
1. grasslands
2. forests
3. liverstock
4. wet lands


A large quantity of urban sewage is drained to nearby village river. Which among the given conditions would happen after mixing of sewage into the river?
(i) Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) of receiving water body increases.
(ii) Dissolved oxygen of receiving water body decreases.
(iii) It will not cause mortality among fishes and other aquatic creatures
(iv) It will lead to nutrient enrichment of receiving water body.
(1) (i), (ii) and (iii)
(2) (i), (ii) and (iv)
(3) (ii) and (iii)
(4) (iii) and (iv)


The total number of biodiversity hotspots in the world are
(1) 72
(2) 34
(3) 52
(4) 24.


The phosphorus cycle differs from the carbon cycle in that:
a. Phosphorus does not enter living organisms, whereas carbon does.
b. The phosphorus cycle does not include a gaseous phase, whereas the carbon cycle does.
c. The phosphorus cycle includes a solid phase, whereas the carbon cycle does not
d. The primary reservoir of the phosphorus cycle is the atmosphere, whereas the primary reservoir for the carbon cycle is in rock.


Human can get homeostasis through:
(1) Only physiological means
(2) Only physical means
(3) Both physiological and physical means
(4) Neither physiological nor physical means


In the process of decomposition ‘catabolism’ is performed by-
1. Earthworms
2. Bacteria
3. Bacteria and fungi
4. Fungi


Which of the following statement is incorrect?
1. All the steps in decomposition operate simultaneously on the humus.
2. Humus is an accumulated dark coloured amorphous substance.
3. Humus is highly resistant to microbial action and undergoes decomposition at an extremely slow rate.
4. Being colloidal in nature humus serves as a reservoir of nutrients.


Which of the following does not affect rate of decomposition?
1. Substrate composition
2. Soil moisture
3. Temperature of soil
4. CO₂


Xerarch and Hydrarch succession leads to respective climax communities as follows-
1. Xeric and hydric
2. Hydric and xeric
3. Mesic and mesic
4. Xeric and mesic


Under special circumstances which of the following affects population density most?
1. Not
2. B
3. D
4. I


Parasites often have one or two intermediate hosts or vectors
1. To make a life cycle more complicated
2. To facilitate parasitization of its primary host
3. To cause advanced life cycle
4. To infect a broad range of organisms


Endoparasites have
1. Complex life cycle
2. Complex anatomical and morphological features
3. Less emphasis on Reproductive potential
4. All of these


Endoparasites have a complex life cycle
1. Because of extreme morphological adaptations
2. Because of extreme specialization.
3. Because of extreme anatomical adaptation
4. Because of less reproductive potential


1. An intimate mutualistic relationship
2. Between fungus and algae
3. Both 1 and 2
4. Confers benefit to one


Plants don't need the help of animals
1. For pollination
2. For dispersal of seeds
3. For both 1 and 2
4. For nutrient absorption


Sexual deceit is
1. All orchid employ it
2. Leaf resembles female bees in color size and markings
3. Male bee pseudocopulation the leaf
4. This male takes away pollen with itself and then goes to another flower for pseudocopulation will shed pollens there


According to Rivet Popper Hypothesis, which of the following is not correct?

1. Airplane: ecosystem
2. Rivets: species
3. Popping a rivet: causing a species to become extinct
4. Flight safety: number of species


Which of the following is an intangible benefits obtained from biodiversity?

(1) Aesthetic Pleasure walking through thick woods
(2) Watching spring flowers in full bloom
(3) Waking up to a Bulbul's song in the morning
(4) All of these


The act to control environmental pollution is passed by Government of India is

(1) Environment Pollution Act-1981
(2) Environment Pollution Act-1986
(3) Environment Protection Act-1986
(4) Environment Protection Act-1981


Which of the following is wrong?

(1) Delhi leads the country in its level of air pollution
(2) Delhi has more cars than the states of Gujrat and West Bengal put together
(3) In 1990s, Delhi ranked fourth among the 41 most polluted cities of the world
(4) PIL was filed in High court against the Air pollution in Delhi


The prime contaminants of sewage water which act as plant nutrient are

(1) Nitrates and Phosphates
(2) Phosphates
(3) Nitrates, DDT
(4) Cadmium and DDT


The accidental leakage of nuclear energy occurred in

(1) Three mile Island
(2) Chernobyl Incident
(3) Bangalore
(4) Both A and B


Which of the following is not an outcome of deforestation?

(1) Enhanced CO2 concentration
(2) Disturbed hydrologic cycles
(3) Loss of Biodiversity, soil erosion
(4) Soil salinity


Chipko Movement,

(1) Garhwal Himalayas
(2) In 1978
(3) In 1731, by Amrita Devi
(4) Both A and C


Ecology is basically concerned with four levels of biological organization, which one of the following is
correct representation?
1. Population Ecosystem Biome Landscape.
2. Communities Population Ecosystem Biome.
3. Organisms Population Communities Biome.
4. Species Ecosystem Communities Biome.

Botany - Section B


Find incorrect match
1. Electron staticprecipitator – Removes 99% particulate matter.
2. Scrubber – Remove SO2
3. Catalytic converter – Non metalic catalyst.
4. CNG – Burns efficiently.


Introduction of alien species into new area possess a threat to extinction of indigenous species due to
1. Their high nutrient requirement
2. Their symbiotic relationship
3. Absence of its natural predator
4. More intraspecific competition


In-situ conservation
1. Includes cryopreservation as well as sacred groves outside natural habitat
2. Protects whole ecosystem
3. Includes hot spots as well as wildlife safari parks
4. More than one option is correct


Mark the correct option (with respect to biodiversity hot spots)
1. Ex-situ conservation
2. Cover more than 2% of the earth's land area
3. Regions with accelerated habitat loss
4. High frequency of ubiquitous species


Sacred groves and zoological parks help in
1. In-situ and ex-situ conservation respectively
2. Ex-situ and in-situconservation respectively
3. In-situconservation only
4. Ex-situconservation only


Warm blooded animals living in colder areas have shorter extremities than the animals of warmer areas is explained by
1. Allen's rule
2. Bergman's rule
3. Gloger's rule
4. Rensch's rule


Find the odd one out with respect to population interaction where at least one individual is benefitted.
1. Predation
2. Amensalism
3. Parasitism
4. Commensalism


Many species of small plants (herbs and shrubs) growing in forests are adapted to photosynthesise optimally under very low light conditions because
1. They take more water from soil
2. Light is a limiting factor
3. They are constantly overshadowed by tall canopied trees
4. Availability of light on land is not linked that of temperature


Choose the odd one out with respect to succession
1. Succession and evolution are parallel processes
2. In abandon farmlands, primary succession occurs
3. Involves changes at every trophic level
4. Generally shows a trend from xeric to mesic coditions


Amount of living material present in different trophic levels at a given time is called
1. NPP
2. Standing stage
3. Standing crop
4. Standing quality


Select the correct statement for Detritus Food Chain (DFC)
1. Sun is the only source of energy
2. These systems are more productive than systems dominated by GFC
3. It is composed of a long chain of decomposer organisms
4. Tropical Rain forests are not dependent on DFC


The trophic level of an herbivore is


Choose the odd one out with respect to ozone depletion in the stratosphere
1. UV rays have the ability to both degrade as well as the form ozone layer
2. UV rays are depleting the good ozone in the troposphere
3. CFC's are disturbing the balance of ozone equilibrium
4. UV-B rays cause inflammation of cornea called colour blindness


Find the correct set of the relative contributions of greenhouse gases to global warming.
3. CFCs
(A) (B) (C) (D)
1. 20% 14% 60% 6%
2. 14% 60% 6% 20%
3. 60% 20% 14% 6%
4. 20% 6% 60% 14%


Select the correct option with respect to following graph :-
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Logistic plot

Exponential plot

Carrying capacity


Exponential plot

Logistic plot

Carrying capacity


Carrying capacity

Exponential plot

Logistic plot


Carrying capacity

Logistic plot

Exponential plot

1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 4

Chemistry - Section A


Which of the following is the sweetest sugar?
1. Sucrose
2. Glucose
3. Fructose
4. Maltose


Which of the following is correct statement ?
1. Starch is a polymer ofa-glucose
2. Amylose is a component of celulose
3. Proteins are composed of only one type of amino acid
4. In cyclic structure of fructose, there are 6 carbons and one oxygen atom


Terylene is a condensation polymer of ethylene glycol and
1. Benzoic acid
2. Phthalic acid
3. Salicylic acid
4. Terephthalic acid


Melamine plastic crockery is a copolymer of:
1. HCHO and melamine
2. HCHO and ethylene
3. Melamine and ethylene
4. none of the above


The polymer that can be classified as polyster polymer is :
1. Bakelite
2. Melamine
3. Nylon-66
4. Terylene


Glyptal or alkyd is polymer of:
1. Ethylene glycol and phthalic acid.
2. Ethylene and phthalic acid.
3. Phthalic acid and acetylene.
4. None of the above.


The example of a thermosetting polymer among the following options is :
1.Please be patient as the PDF generation may take upto a minute. (3)
2.Please be patient as the PDF generation may take upto a minute. (4)
3.Please be patient as the PDF generation may take upto a minute. (5)
4.Please be patient as the PDF generation may take upto a minute. (6)


Buna rubber is a polymer of:
1. 1,3-butadiene.
2. Vinyl acetate.
3. Styrene.
4. None of the above.


The human body does not produce
1. DNA
2. vitamins
3. hormones
4. enzymes


Which one of the following is employed as a tranquilizer drug?
1. Promethazine
2. Valium
3. Naproxen
4. Mifepristone


Which type of amino acid is lysine ?
1.b -amino acid
2. Acidic
3. Basic
4. Neutral


Proteins mainly contain:
(1) C, H, O and N
(2) only C and H
(3) C, H and O
(4) N and H


The main structural feature of protein is:
(1) the ester linkage
(2) the ether linkage
(3) the peptide linkage
(4) all of these


The complementary base of adenine in one strand to that in the otherstrand of DNA is:
1. Cytosine
2. Guanine
3. Uracil
4. Thymine


One of the essential α-amino acids is:
1. Lysine
2. Glycine
3. Serine
4. Proline


Adenosine is an example of:
(1) nucleotide
(2) nucleoside
(3) purine base
(4) pyrimidine base


Terylene is a:
(1) Polyamide
(2) Polyester
(3) Polyether
(4) Long chain hydrocarbon


Chemical name of melamine is:
(1) 2,4-diamino-1,3,5-triazine
(2) 2-amino-1,3,5-triazine
(3) 2,4,6-triamino-1,3,5-triazine
(4) 1,3,5-triamino-2,4,6-triazine


Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
1. Terylene—condensation polymer of terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol
2. Teflon—thermally stable cross-linked polymer of phenol and formaldehyde
3. Perspex—a homopolymer of methyl methacrylate
4. Synthetic rubber —a copolymer of butadiene and styrene


Which of the following is a step-growth polymer?
1. Bakelite
2. Polyethylene
3. Teflon
4. PVC


Which of the following drugs is a tranquilizer and sedative?
(1) Sulfadiazine
(2) Papaverine
(3) Equanil
(4) Mescaline


Various phenol derivatives, tincture of iodine (2-3% I2 in water/alcohol) and some dyes like methylene blue are :
(1) antiseptics
(2) disinfectants
(3) analgesics
(4) antipyretics


The mixture of chloroxylenol and terpineol acts as-
(1) analgesic
(2) antiseptic
(3) antipyretic
(4) antibiotic


In a protein molecule, various amino acids are linked together by
(1) b-glycosidic bond
(2) peptide bond
(3) dative bond
(4) a-glycosidic bond


Bithional is generally added to the soaps as an additive to function as a/an
1. softener
2. dryer
3. buffering agent
4. antiseptic


Which of the following statements is false?
1. Artificial silk is derived from cellulose
2. Nylon-66 is an example of elastomer
3. The repeat unit in natural rubber is isoprene
4. Both starch and cellulose are polymers of glucose


Which one of the following vitamins is water-soluble?
(1) Vitamin-B
(2) Vitamin-E
(3) Vitamin-K
(4) Vitamin-A


Polymer that can be prepared by condensation polymerization is:
1. Nylon-66
2. Teflon
3. Rubber
4. Polystyrene


Polymer that contains ester linkage is:
1. Nylon-66
2. PVC
3. Terylene
4. SER


Insulin regulates the metabolism of :
1. Minerals
2. Amino acids
3. Glucose
4. Vitamins


An acids among the followingthat acts as vitamin is:
1. Benzoic acid
2. Ascorbic acid
3. Oxalic acid
4. Formic acid


A linkage present in proteins and peptides is:

1.Please be patient as the PDF generation may take upto a minute. (7)2.Please be patient as the PDF generation may take upto a minute. (8)
3.Please be patient as the PDF generation may take upto a minute. (9)4.Please be patient as the PDF generation may take upto a minute. (10)


Which of the following is an elastomer ?
1. Vulcanized rubber
2. Dacron
3. Polystyrene
4. Melamine


Sulpha drugs are used for :
1. Removing bacteria.
2. Precipitating bacteria.
3. Stopping the growth of bacteria.
4. Decreasing the size of bacteria.


The polymer containing strong intermolecular forces, e.g., hydrogen bonding is:
1. Natural rubber
2. Teflon
3. Nylon-6,6
4. Polystyrene

Chemistry - Section B


Match the polymers given in Column-I with their repeating units given in Column-II. Choose the correct option from the codes given below :

(a) Polystyrene(p)Please be patient as the PDF generation may take upto a minute. (11)
(b) Novolac(q)Please be patient as the PDF generation may take upto a minute. (12)
(c) Buna-N(r)Please be patient as the PDF generation may take upto a minute. (13)
(d) Acrilan(s)Please be patient as the PDF generation may take upto a minute. (14)


An acid that actsas a vitamin is
1. Aspartic acid
2. Glumatic acid
3. Ascorbic acid
4. Saccharic acid


Penicillin was first discovered by:
(1) A. Fleming
(2) Tence and Salke
(3) S.A Waksna
(4) Lewis Pasteur


A substance that can act both as an antiseptic disinfectant is:
(1) aspirin
(2) chloroxylenol
(3) bithinol
(4) phenol


The formualtion of dettol contains:
(1) chloroxylenol
(2) terpineol
(3) alcohol
(4) all of these


Treatment of rubber with sulfur -
(1) Annealing.
(2) Vulcanization.
(3) Quenching.
(4) None of the above.


Terylene is not a :
1. Synthetic fiber
2. Thermosetting plastic
3. Step-growth polymer
4. Condensation polymer


The reaction of concentrated sulphuric acid with carbohydrates (C12H22O11) is an example of
(1) Dehydration
(2) Oxidation
(3) Reduction
(4) Sulphonation


Which of the following statement is not true about glucose?
(1) It is an aldohexose.
(2) It contains five hydroxyl groups.
(3) It is a reducing sugar.
(4) It is an aldopentose.


The compound that causes general antidepressant action on the central nervous system belongs to the class of
(1) analgesics
(2) tranquilizers
(3) narcotic analgesics
(4) antihistamines


Which of the following molecule is not a drug target in the body?
(1) Carbohydrates
(2) Lipids
(3) Vitamins
(4) Proteins


Veronal and luminal derivatives of barbituric acid acts as
(a) Antacids
(b) Non-narcotic analgesic
(c) Anti-allergic drugs
(d) Neurologically active drugs


Match the class of compounds given in Column I with their functions given in Column II.
Column I Column II
A. Antagonists 1. Communicate messages between two neurons and that between neurons to muscles.
B. Agonists 2. Bind to the receptor site and inhibit its natural function.
C. Chemical messenger 3. Crucial to the body's communication process.
D. Inhibitors 4. Mimic the natural messenger.
E. Receptors 5. Inhibit the activities of enzymes
Match the correct one:
1) A-2, B-1, C-4, D-5, E-3
2) A-2, B-4, C-1, D-5, E-3
3) A-4, B-2, C-1, D-5, E-3
4) A-2, B-4, C-1, D-3, E-5


Match the classes of drugs are given in Column I with their action given in Column II.
Column I Column II
A. Analgesics 1. Inhibit the growth of microorganisms can be given orally
B. Antiseptics 2. Treatment of stress
C. Antihistamines 3. Applied to inanimate objects
D. Antacids 4.Prevents the interaction of histamine with its receptor
E. Tranquilizers 5. Painkilling effect
F. Antibiotics 6. Applied to diseased skin surfaces
G. Disinfectants 7. Treatment of acidity
Correct order is:
1) A-5 ,B-6, C-4, D-7, E-2 ,F-1 ,G-3
2) A-5, B-6, C-4, D-7, E-1, F-2, G-3
4) A-6, B-5, C-7, D-4, E-2, F-1, G-3
4) A-3, B-5, C-7, D-4, E-2, F-1, G-6


Assertion (A) Receptor proteins show selectivity for one chemicalmessenger over the other.
Reason (R) Chemical messenger binds to the receptor site and inhibitsits natural function.
1. Assertion and reason both are correct statements but reason does not explain assertion.
2. Assertion and reason both are correct and reason explains the assertion.
3. Both assertion and reason are wrong statements.
4. Assertion is the correct statement reason is the wrong statement.

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